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Sandip P.- “My HbA1c came down from 9.75% to 8% with BeatO.”


Sandip Patil
35 years old, Marine Engineer
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Sandip Patil is 35 years old and lives in Maharashtra with his wife, mother and two children.

“Being a marine engineer, I lead a very stressful life. I am on the ship for three months and I consume frozen and packaged food.”

“I used to feel tired and also experienced frequent urination.”
He went for a regular health check-up and that’s when he got to know that he had Type 1 diabetes. He consulted his doctor and was advised to take some medication. He was also advised to monitor his sugar levels on a regular basis.

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“I was looking for a way to control my diabetic condition when I saw the BeatO App on Facebook. I decided to go for their Care Program.”

Being a mariner, he does not have a proper diet and sleep schedule. These could have been the contributing factors to his diabetic condition.

“I was recommended to make some changes to my diet. I was also advised to correct my sleeping schedule. I have stopped eating rice and included a lot of fruits and vegetables in my diet.”

After using the BeatO App for just two months, he was able to see improvements in his diabetic condition. His HbA1c came down from 9.75% to 8%. His fasting reading came down from 149 mg/dL to 113 mg/dL and his post-meal reading came down from 190 mg/dL to 160 mg/dL. He feels more energetic and stress-free now.

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“The best part about BeatO is their monitoring devices. Now I can easily keep a track of my sugar levels.”

He can carry his glucometer even when he is on the ship. This way, he does not have to worry about skipping his sugar reading. He also says that the health coaches have played a major role in bringing about this improvement.

When he is off the ship, he likes to spend time with his family. He is also a very motivated and driven individual who wants to excel in his career and therefore, likes to devote his time to the same.

Being a mariner, it is necessary that he keeps his health in check, at all times. He is entirely satisfied with his experience and wants to recommend that Care Program to other diabetic people as well.

Throw out your non-verified glucometer and try the BeatO clinically approved smart glucometer kit. Check your blood sugar level instantly. Try out the BeatO diabetes care program for a more organised healthcare routine.

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