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Story of Harsh Kedia who started a business to cater to sweet cravings of diabetes!

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“The strongest are not those who show strength in front of you but those who win battles we know nothing about!”

The age of fourteen can be quite pivotal. While some end up making futuristic career decisions, others begin to rebel and try figuring out their lives. This sea of emotions experienced during teenage, from first loves to breakups, is known to be the most volatile for all of us. In addition to this, if a teenager is diagnosed with diabetes, the entire process will not be less than a roller coaster ride. And this is what happened with Harsh Kedia, the founder of A Diabetic Chef.

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Harsh’s diagnosis was sudden and unexpected. He was helping his aunt take her blood sugar reading instead decided to check his own for fun.

It took him two years to take charge over his diabetes and get the dependency of sugar intake out of his system. In fact, Harsh had to take various lifestyle decisions that were uncommon for a 14-year old boy.

Right from limiting his sugar intake to not attending parties, Harsh was even deprived of a birthday cake for two of his own birthdays. With a specific schedule to follow, he often felt his life to be of no less than a prisoner.

But how long can you keep a foodie away from his/her favourite foods? When Harsh finally accepted the condition and understood that he would have to find a resolution himself, he decided to delve deeper into sugar substitutes and alternatives. After consulting 200 doctors and conducting exhaustive research, he understood that people were unaware of what was being sold to them as sugar-free products. In fact, his findings revealed that most of the chocolates available in the market consist of 30-40% sugar intake.

Tired of the pseudo-chocolates available, Harsh spent years trying to make actual healthy diabetes-friendly chocolates. His food experiments primarily focused on keeping the taste the same for his sweet cravings without affecting the sugar intake. This new found passion got him the celebrated title and his own entrepreneurial line, A Diabetic Chef.

A Diabetic Chef uses premium quality ingredients and is 100 percent diabetes-friendly focusing on diabetes care. Available in five different flavours including Almond Dark, Mocha Dark, Hazelnut Dark, Cranberry Dark, and Crispies Dark, each type of sugar-free dark chocolate promises to be delicious and sweet!

From a blog to a home kitchen to a takeaway cafe to now a chocolate line. A diabetic chef has come a long way in the last 7 years. In fact, Harsh with his never-give-up attitude, says he has found a purpose for his life with “A Diabetic Chef”.

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