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Best Water Exercises for People With Diabetes

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Water exercises or aerobics are exercises that are done in fairly shallow water, such as a swimming pool. Exercising in water boosts strength training due to water resistance. Body movement in the water creates resistance that activates muscle groups.

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Benefits of Water Exercises for Diabetics

Exercise for diabetes helps lower blood sugar levels, which is the primary goal when it comes to diabetes management. It also contributes to positive changes in our body’s composition, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps increase the overall quality of life.

The floatability of water helps mitigate the flow of gravity and helps lower stress on joints and muscles. This is important for those trying to lose weight, especially in exercise for diabetes type 2.

Because the floatability of water mitigates the force of gravity, water exercise lowers the stress on joints, bones, and muscles. This is important for those who are experiencing weight gain or foot pain due to diabetes.

Water exercise to control diabetes is also believed to improve glucose tolerance.

water exercises

Water Exercise to Control Diabetes

There are a lot many types of water exercises, but the main ones include:

  • Water Aerobics: This is the type which includes moves like lunges and jumping jacks in shallow water. The water works as support from falling.
  • Swimming: You can do this using strokes of different kinds. This type energises you and relaxes you at the same time.
  • Water Running: This involves running through deep water in a standing position, involving different arm strokes. You are normally required to wear a floating belt that helps you stay upright.

What to consider?

You will be required to always carry your meds and testing supplies as your sugar can go low in the water. Apart from this, make sure to:

  • Warm up before you start
  • Take frequent breaks for rest
  • Stretch post the exercise
  • Make sure you take someone with you in case something goes wrong
  • Carry a medical ID if you have one

Problemswithwater exercise for diabetes patients: Maintaining a water exercise program can get challenging. It can be strenuous to find access to a pool, a good programme, swimsuits, and other equipment. Some people might not feel comfortable or safe in water.


Keep track with a glucometer: Management of diabetes can be difficult and with all the diabetic patient exercise it becomes even more important to keep a check of your blood sugar levels. Investing in a glucometer will help in better diabetes management. Look for a glucometer that connects via a diabetes management app so that you can be connected at all times and even maintain a record of your past levels. It makes it easier to share readings with your healthcare advisors and supporters.

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