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Can You Munch on Sugary Food in Diabetes?

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sugary food in diabetes

It is a well-known belief that eating a lot of sugar can cause diabetes. Well, this is only partially true. Consuming a lot of sugar can increase the risk of diabetes, but it cannot become the sole reason for it. Your diet, lifestyle, and genetics also play a significant role in causing the illness. Therefore, you can still get diabetes even if you control your sugar consumption. This article talks about how you can consume sugary food in diabetes without causing a spike in your blood sugar levels.

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Even if you have diabetes, you do not have to follow a strict diet regime. You are allowed to satisfy your cravings for sweet and sugary food items. Only if you make it a part of your healthy eating plans and do not overindulge yourself into it. For some individuals with high blood sugar levels, glucose tablets or sugary drinks are crucial for treating a sudden drop in your sugar levels. So, it is advisable to make use of a glucometer(link) to monitor your blood sugar levels frequently.

Try these tips to include sugary foods in your healthy diet plan-

5 Tips to Consume Sugary Food in Diabetes

  • Allow Yourself the Occasional Sweet Treats

sugary food in diabetes

Depriving yourself of sugary foods isn’t likely to work. The more you try to eliminate treats from your diet completely, the more you are psychologically inclined to have them and might end up overeating.

  • Plan Your Meals

Diet planning

On the days when you want to consume sugary foods, cut out carbs from your main meal, and save it for your dessert. Ensure that your plate has all the necessary nutrients to balance your sugar intake. For example, if you’re planning to have dessert, decrease the quantity of potatoes or chapatis from your meal.

  • Avoid Packaged Drinks

Avoid packaged drinks

Regular soft drinks and sodas that are available in the market are packed with sugar. This not only would cause a spike in your sugar levels, but the high calories present in these drinks would also lead to unwanted weight gain.

Also, it is extremely important to stay hydrated for people with diabetes. Try including a cup or two of herbal tea in your day to stay healthy and energized.

  • Treat Yourself with a Cheat Day

Cheat meal day

With a good diet and exercise routine, it is also essential to regularly monitor your sugar levels with the help of a glucometer. Your dietitian or health coach would read your blood sugar fluctuations and tell you how many days you could spare to have desserts.

  • Fruits Prove to be the Best Desserts


Fruits are the best options for a person with diabetes to satisfy his sugar cravings. It is a healthier alternative as it has no added sugar. Moreover, because of its high fiber tendency, it takes longer to digest. Hence, it would prevent sugar spikes in your body.

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Every morning when you wake up and make healthy choices, there should be times when you reward yourself for the same. Sweets and Desserts can only negatively impact your blood sugar levels if you do not follow a healthy regime where you consume everything in moderation.

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