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COVID-19 2nd Wave Protocols for People With Chronic Conditions

The COVID-19 second wave has hit India like a big storm. Even with the lockdown in place it will take a while before things come under control. Most hospitals and medical help centres have hit their capacity. At this point taking Covid precautions, proactively supporting each other and being patient is our only way out.
Here are diabetes specific precautions by Dr. Mudit Sabharwal – Head of Medical Affairs at BeatO and Consultant Diabetologist. Please go through them and spread them around. Having the right information is utmost important. It reduces panic and enables more people to be helpful.
  • Regularly wash your hands thoroughly or sanitize using an alcohol based sanitizer. Wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is crucial in order to protect yourself and others around you.
  • If you show flu-like symptoms like fever, difficulty in breathing or cough/phlegm, it is important to consult a doctor.
  • Pay extra attention to your glucose control. Regular monitoring of blood glucose can help avoid complications caused by high or low blood glucose.
  • Blood glucose levels may rise during any infection and the same increases your need for fluids, so make sure you are well hydrated all the time.
  • Make sure you have a good supply of the diabetes medications. Keep everything you need handy in case you have to quarantine yourself.
  • Try not to fast and make sure you are eating well.
  • Keep access to sweet candy/sweet juice. In case your sugar drops suddenly you should be able to correct the situation.
  • If you live alone, make sure someone you can rely on knows you have diabetes as you may require assistance if you get ill.
  • Have a good night’s sleep, keep a regular schedule and avoid excessive work-load.
  • Vitamin B12 supplements reduce oxidative stress in diabetes, but should be taken as per medical advice. Similarly taking Vitamin C once a day and vitamin D 60000 units once a month may be helpful in prevention.
  • Get vaccination against COVID-19 if you qualify for the same and there’s no contraindication.
  • If you have received the first dose of vaccine and get infected by COVID-19 before getting the second one, your 2nd dose should be delayed by 4 weeks.


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