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Diabetes Management at Work: Tips to Follow

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Work itself makes life busy. You hustle from office to home and in between there are lots to do that more than often, you end up not getting time for yourself. With a condition such as diabetes, life becomes even more difficult to manage. Diabetes management is a crucial step towards controlling your diabetes.

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Tips For Diabetes Management

Stressing out is never the solution in such situations

It is all the more necessary that you stay relaxed and fit when you are high on blood sugar levels. To better control your blood sugar condition, all you need is an efficient order. Making up a schedule that fits your day can help you cope up with the health condition without losing out at work.


Give yourself some time

Between meetings, and conferences, travel and desk jobs, find a few minutes everyday to take care of yourself. This time is absolutely required since being healthy is the most important thing in life. If you have everything else in life but not health, all that you possess becomes worthless in turn.

  • At work, begin with taking the stairs all the time.
  • This makes up for the walking exercise you should be doing and also keeps you fit.
  • Stay active and walk as much as you can, even within the office space.
  • You can also install a fitness app on your smartphone and get your everyday steps calculated.
  • Set fitness goals by walking a certain number of steps and try to meet them every day to stay fit.
  • Get a glucometer to check blood sugar levels at least twice a day, even if you are busy manning your desk.

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Balanced Nutrition

Eating out can seem like a great idea when everyone plans to go out. But keep in mind that you have to take care of your body first and foremost. Stick foods with low glycemic index and avoid foods with high carb content. Instead, have fruit, salads and healthy vegetables for breakfast or lunch.

It is also essential that you set a fixed lunch time for yourself at workplace. You should make sure that you have your breakfasts/lunches at the same time everyday to better control the blood sugar levels.

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Chances of infection are high in a lot of diabetic patients.

Since even a small wound can be really troublesome, you should take care of yourself, especially your feet. They should be well protected from dust and dirt. Keep your daily medication handy at all times. If you take regular insulin doses and suffer occasionally from its reactions, it is better to inform at least one of your co-workers, just so they are prepared for an emergency situation.

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Also, you can consider using an insulin pen instead of a needle at the workplace. It lessens the alarm of colleagues even if they come across you suddenly in the restroom, and makes it easier for you to carry the medicine.

All this can help you perform normally and well at workplace when while managing your diabetic condition.

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