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Keto Diet: All You Need to Know

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The term “ketogenic” refers to a low-carb diet (like the Atkins diet). The goal is to acquire more calories from protein and fat and fewer calories from carbohydrates. You cut back on easy-to-digest carbs like sugar, soda, pastries, and white bread the most. A keto diet consists mostly of high fats, moderate protein, and very low carbs. The macronutrients in the diet are roughly divided into 55% to 60% fat, 30% to 35% protein, and 5% to 10% carbs. Carbohydrates range from 20 to 50 g per day in a 2000 kcal per day diet.

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How Does a Keto Diet Work?

The ketogenic diet is based on the idea that by depriving the body of glucose—the primary source of energy for all cells in the body, which is obtained by ingesting carbohydrate foods—an alternative fuel called ketones is created from stored fat (thus the word “keto”-genic). Because it cannot store glucose, the brain requires the most glucose in a continuous supply, roughly 120 grams per day.

Fasting, or eating very little carbohydrate, causes the body to first draw stored glucose from the liver and then momentarily break down muscle to release glucose. If this continues for 3-4 days and the body’s stored glucose is completely depleted, blood levels of a hormone called insulin fall and the body begins to use fat as its major fuel.

What to Eat in Keto Diet?


Well, if you like eggs, you certainly have a great chance of success since you can eat eggs as in omelettes, boiled eggs, half-fry. In fact, you can even use them in low carb pizza crust.


It can easily be used in breakfast, burger topper, salad garnish, but make sure that you do not consume bread although you toss it with mayonnaise.


Cream & Shredded Cheese
You can make several recipes like pizza crusts, main dishes and desserts with it. Pinch over taco meat in a bowl, prepare into tortilla chips in the microwave, salad toppers & enchiladas. But avoid carbs!

keto diet

Lots of Romaine, Spinach & Cauliflower
Fill up on the fresh green vegetables; have sufficient on hand for a swift salad when hunger pangs hit. Fresh or frozen bags you can eat Cauliflower by itself, tossed in olive oil or baked, mashed in potatoes, chopped/shredded & used in place of rice under main dishes.


Chicken Tenders & Ground Beef
Have a large bag on hand; thaw swiftly and grill, sauté, mix with vegetables & top with garlic sauce; use in tacos, butter chicken, enchiladas & more. Make a big burger with ground beef and top it with all kinds of things from cheese, to sautéed mushrooms, capsicum, to grilled onions.


Almonds (flavoured or plain)
These are delicious and nourishing snacks; nevertheless, be sure to count them as you eat, since the carbohydrates do add up. Its various flavours include coconut, salt, habanero and vinegar & a lot more.

Diabetics should reduce their carb intake and follow the Keto diet, but along with this, they need to keep an eye on their blood sugar levels using aglucometer.So, the Keto diet is a flexible and fascinating way to lose weight, with lots of tasty food choices. Keep these 6 items stocked in the fridge and you’ll be ready to throw together some tasty keto meals & snacks at any time.

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