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Diabetes Support Groups Beginning of A New Friendship Know The Benefits

Diabetes Support Groups: Beginning of A New Friendship | Know The Benefits

It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact that people with diabetes still find it difficult talking about their diabetes condition. If you have diabetes, opening up with someone will be surely helpful. On a bad day, a good listener will be like a blessing to help you relieve the frustration of managing diabetes. In case, there is no one you can talk to; then you should join diabetes online forums or diabetes-related groups on social channels. These groups will not make you feel less alone, but will also give you the strength to steer through the difficulties you are facing.

There are numerous benefits of joining diabetes support groups:

  • You will be in a company of people with diabetes who are understanding towards you. The people in these groups are very supportive of each other. Regular interactions among peers will boost your morale & bring a positive change in your life. Sharing your experience can also motivate other members of this group.
  • As fellow diabetic shares their experience on a daily basis, you’ll surely learn something new every day based on their learnings.
  • You’ll get the most updated information regarding any development in the field of diabetes management. From new guidelines of ADA to WHO health advisories, a new type of diet to medicines, everything is shared in these groups.
  • It’s Free. You don’t have to pay any type of fees to join the groups.
  • Apart from discussing your problems related to diabetes, you can also make friends on such groups.
  • In case you don’t want to reveal your identity while posting your query, you can contact admin & make an anonymous post too.
  • BeatO too has a diabetes support group by the name of Beat Diabetes on Facebook. In this group, you can share your experience of living with diabetes, personal stories, diet which worked wonders for you and your fitness regime through videos. The best part, this group has a many diabetes educators on board, which means not only you’ll get expertise of your fellow diabetics but will be able to consult diabetes specialist.

Things to remember:

  • Nobody will ever force you to participate. Most of the time, reading other users queries might be the answer to your question.
  • When you come across any compelling stories or a unique query, please keep them within the group. Respect everyone’s privacy. It is a trusted circle of your fellow diabetics.
  • Don’t be afraid ever that what will others think of my question or my life story. You can ask whatever you feel like as long it is within the guidelines of the group.

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