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Healthy food options for diabetics on Raksha Bandhan

“There’s no better friend than your sibling.”

We celebrate Raksha Bandhan every year to mark the special bond that we share with our siblings. This is celebrated with absolute joy and grandeur and the delicacies lie at the heart of everyone alike.

Nothing brings us together like good food. Any Indian festival is incomplete without sweet and savoury food. While we like to gorge on our favorite snacks and desserts, it is important that we keep our vitals in check while doing so. Eating in excess can also lead to high blood sugar levels.

We make sure that health and taste both come together while you celebrate any special occasion in your life. We have curated this list of food items that can be consumed by diabetic and non-diabetic people alike. 

Oats Kheer
For this, you only need to have oats, milk, sugar free sweeteners and cashew nuts.You can also add some cardamom powder according to your taste. This dessert is low in calories and also low in fat. Moreover, it also ensures that you get a good calcium intake. 

Chatpata Chaat
Enjoy a sprouts chaat with boiled black chana. Add kala namak, coriander and lime to make it more delicious. You can even have fruit chaat made with apples, oranges, pears, papaya and strawberries.  You can satiate your taste buds and also keep your health in check. 

Sugar Free Kaju Katli
You’re lying if you say that you do not gorge on at least two-three of these during every festival. You can use honey or other sugar free sweetener instead of sugar to make Kaju Katli healthier. This sweet can be quite rightly called the little drops of heaven. 

Air Fried Cauliflower with yoghurt dip
To enjoy a luscious snack, spice it up and prepare a good marinade for your cauliflowers. Remember, use an air fryer instead of deep frying them. Do not forget to enjoy it with a delicious and healthy yogurt dip. 

Sugar Free Modak
Little did we know that this beloved dessert can also be sugar free. Mix all your favorite nuts with rice flour and water, and instead use a sugar free sweetener for that sweet tooth in you. 

A South Indian treat
A good and wholesome South Indian meal is a favourite among every person alike. Relish a Poha with medicines or a sooji upma with vegetables. It is low in calories and high in protein. You can even try an oats dosa. It is  a healthy and mouth watering treat which is also quite filling.

You would want to relish all the delicacies that are fondly prepared by your mother on this special occasion but remember, taking a careless break one day could severely tamper with your health. You should only consume food which keeps your sugar levels under control.

There is always a healthier way to do things and to consume your favourite food. This Raksha Bandhan, ensure that you keep your health as well as your loved one’s health in check. Monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis and stay fit and ahead with BeatO

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