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Diabetic friendly ways to celebrate Onam

The festival of ‘Onam’ is celebrated every year among the people of Kerala in the month of ‘Chingham’. This festival marks the return of the demon king Mahabali. The reign of King Mahabali was considered a golden period for Kerala. Therefore, this festival is marked by grandeur, delicacies and absolute joy among the people of Kerala. 


Festivals are associated with elaborate feasts and splendour. You would want to indulge in scrumptious food and have a gala time. But if you are a diabetic, you would want to keep a check on the food you’re consuming and the practices that you are following to keep your sugar levels in check.

Abnormal sugar levels can cause various cardio metabolic disorders, suppress one’s immunity and can make the patient fall prey to bacterial and fungal infections. Amid the ongoing covid situation, it is important to keep your vitals in check. Diabetes can have a worsening effect upon your health if it is accompanied with Covid.

We have listed a few do’s and don’ts for you that you should be following during the festival of Onam and make the most of your celebration.


-Foods to relish during festivities

It is impossible to imagine Onam without
Onam Sadhya. It comprises 26 dishes spread across a Banana leaf. While you would want to savour each and every one of them, you would want to avoid the ones which are deep fried and opt for those which are boiled or grilled.
Substitute unhealthy snacks with fruits and nuts and satiate your hunger pangs in a healthy way. 

-Stay Hydrated! – Consume water-based and non-carbonated beverages

One should only consume drinks that are water based or have diet soda in them. Consuming drinks that are too sugary and carbonated can lead to a rise in your sugar levels. You might want to frequently quench your thirst due to the humid weather amid the celebrations but it is advisable to keep your sugar levels in check as you do so.

Try to consume herbal teas to boost your immunity and ensure the best detoxification. 

-Stay Active and stress-free

Staying active and stress-free plays a major role in keeping your sugar levels in check. You should follow a fitness regime on a regular basis to avoid obesity, high blood pressure and other diabetes-related chronic conditions. 

-Check your blood sugar and take your medicines on time

Always keep your sugar testing kit with you during the celebrations and check your sugar levels on the go. It is also important to take your insulin dose and other diabetes-related medicines on time to avoid any complications. 


-Avoid desserts/sweets

We all want to gorge on Indian sweets during festivals. Be it Mithai, Barfi, or other delicacies, they all hold a special place in our hearts. We shouldn’t forget about the effect they can have on our sugar levels.

We should only consume the ones that are prepared with natural sweeteners like stevia if we want to satiate the sweet tooth in us. 

-Avoid Fasting

Fasting can cause a drop in your sugar levels. Fasting during religious events might seem unavoidable but you should always keep your health in mind. 

-Avoid Feasting

Eating too much food can lead to a rise in your blood sugar levels. You should eat a healthy and nutritious diet in moderation and keep your calorie intake and your fibre intake in check.

Make the most of the festival of Onam by keeping your sugar levels under control. Monitor them on a regular basis and keep following the practices recommended by your physician or health coach. 

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