How to Overcome Blood Sugar Testing Anxiety
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How to Overcome Blood Sugar Testing Anxiety

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Blood sugar testing is essential for managing diabetes. Testing may be a little annoying for some diabetics whereas it can be quite distressing for others. Some people get so anxious that they stop monitoring their sugar levels completely. Read this blog to learn how to overcome blood sugar testing anxiety.

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Can Anxiety Impact Your Blood Sugar Test?

When you are anxious and stressed, your body releases hormones that have the power to either raise or drop your blood sugar levels. High levels of stress can cause the release of sympathetic hormones, which can increase cortisol and glucose levels, decrease insulin production, or alter the sensitivity and resistance of the insulin hormone.


Ways to Overcome Blood Sugar Testing Anxiety

Choose the right equipment to test

Use a glucometer that only requires a tiny drop of blood. Select a lancet with the narrowest needle you can find. When doing a test, always use a fresh lancet.

Even if your reading is high, you can control it, so don’t panic!

Remember that there are no “good” or “bad” blood sugar levels. People with diabetes often receive praise for “excellent” readings and criticism for “poor” readings. But your readings are only a number, a piece of information that will help you decide how to modify your routine. So don’t panic, and let your health coach help you.

Blood Sugar Testing Anxiety

Switch to Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous glucose monitor (CGM) systems can reduce the number of finger pricks required for sugar testing. A tiny sensor continuously monitors your blood sugar level beneath your skin, which transmits the data to a monitor or mobile device. A CGM can automatically display how your blood sugar levels change in response to food and activity, and it can also alert you if they go too high or too low.

Keep a check on your blood sugar levels. Use the BeatO Glucometer to monitor blood sugar easily at home. Save yourself from the unwanted complications of diabetes!

Join a Group of Supporters

Consider joining a support group or seeking individual counseling if you’re still experiencing anxiety. Alternatively, consult a therapist who focuses on diabetes. They can provide you with practical advice on how to cope with test anxiety. Therapists can also help you overcome your fear of blood or needles.

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