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Nahid Md.- “My HbA1c dropped from 10.2% to 6.8% with BeatO.”

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48 years old, Jaipur
Consultant in the health sector
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Nahid Mohammad, a 48-year-old resident of Jaipur, lives with his wife and two children. He works on various health projects in the government sector, a job that demands a hectic schedule and frequent travel to multiple sites. In 2011, he received the frightening diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

He recalls his diagnosis and shares, “Unn dino Ramzan chal raha tha. Mujhe aamras peene ka bahut shaunk hai. Shayad uss time maine woh zyada pee liya tha. Mera weight ekdum se kafi kam hone laga aur mujhe test karne ko kaha gaya. Test karane par mujhe Type 2 Diabetes diagnose hua.”

“Pehle main mutton, chapati aur chawal bahut khata tha. Mujhe koi idea nahi tha ki isse mera sugar spike ho raha hai. Tab mera sugar 300 tak aa jata tha.”

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His family members were quite worried after knowing his Diabetes. He recalls, “Kisi ko diabetes ke baare me koi jankari nahi thi. Tab hume yeh nahi lagta tha ki diabetes ko seriously lena chahiye.”

After his diagnosis, Nahid consulted his local doctor and was prescribed metformin. However, the medication did not suit him, leading to frequent thirst and constipation. Recognizing these issues as clear signs that the treatment wasn’t working for him, Nahid began researching diabetes complications and exploring alternative treatments to control his Diabetes effectively.

Introduction To BeatO Care Program

He joined the BeatO Diabetes Care Program in June 2023.

After joining the program, he incorporated all the changes suggested by his health coach Himanshi Saxena. He shares pictures of his food everyday with her over WhatsApp. He has become consistent with both his medication and exercise routine.

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“My doctor told me how and when I should take my medicines. He even explained all the diabetes related symptoms in detail. He takes a regular follow up with me and answers all my diabetes-related queries in a very patient manner.”

Earlier, he was leading a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise. He was asked to walk for 30-40 minutes everyday and also to include some pranayama, suited for people with diabetes.

My Health Coach Says

His health coach Himanshi Saxena shares his treatment plan with us.

“When Mr. Nahid joined our program, his HbA1c was alarmingly high at 10.6%, largely due to his hectic work schedule and extensive travel, which made it difficult for him to focus on his health.

To improve his sugar levels, I recommended a diet plan tailored to his routine. Initially, he was put on a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. However, the increased protein intake caused a spike in his uric acid levels, necessitating a gradual reduction in protein.

He gradually adopted all the dietary changes and, even while travelling, adhered to his diet plan and ensured timely meals.

I also suggested some simple exercises, with occasional high-intensity workouts and specific exercises to alleviate his cervical pain.

As a result of these combined efforts, his HbA1c levels have dropped to 6.8%, and his energy levels have significantly improved. I look forward to continuing to support Nahid in further improving his diabetes management.”

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My Doctor Says

Dr. Tharangini shared Mr. Nahid’s treatment plan with us. She says, “His treatment plan focused on bringing his blood sugar levels under control. Initially, his HbA1c was at 10.6%. I prescribed medication to lower his blood sugar levels.

During the assessment, we also discovered that he had a Vitamin B12 deficiency, for which he received appropriate supplementation.

The combination of medication and lifestyle changes significantly improved his Diabetes control. His medication dosage has decreased, and he has successfully alleviated his chronic fatigue.

His hectic lifestyle had been a significant contributor to his diabetes. Now, he diligently follows the treatment plan and incorporates workouts into his routine, even while travelling. Witnessing his HbA1c drop from 10.6% to 6.8% has been a significant achievement for both of us.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

He shared his remarkable improvements with us. He says “My body weight has improved, and I have been able to control my sugar levels. My knee pain and backache have also disappeared. I used to feel very low on energy, but now I feel a renewed sense of confidence after improving my health.”

Fasting Reading180 mg/dL100 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading240 mg/dL140 mg/dL

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Why BeatO?

He shared his feedback with us, he says, “I received excellent guidance from my health coach and she helped me in getting consistent with all the changes. I get all my diabetes supplies including my medicines through the App itself. I am glad that I opted for BeatO to get my diabetes under control.”

M. Mohammad became regular with his diabetes care plan and it helped him witness remarkable results. Although it seemed like a daunting task at first but gradually he was able to become consistent with the help of his health coach.

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Incorporating dietary changes into a diabetes management plan can be particularly challenging for individuals who have a strong fondness for tasty dishes and snacks. This difficulty often stems from the emotional and cultural significance of food, which extends beyond mere sustenance to encompass comfort, and social connection.

Balancing the need for glucose control with the desire for enjoyable eating experiences requires a high level of discipline and creativity in meal planning, which can be daunting and overwhelming for many. BeatO Diabetes Care Program helps you keep your sugar levels in check by giving you healthier food alternatives which are also rich in taste.

Want to book an online health coach for your diabetes diet plan? BeatO has got your back, try out BeatO diabetes care program right now.

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