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Rajeev S.-“My post-meal reading dropped from 360 mg/dL to 130 mg/dL with BeatO.”

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60 years old, Mathura
Distributor in a cosmetics firm
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Rajeev Seth is 60 years old and lives in Mathura with his family. As a distributor for a cosmetics firm, his job demands significant time and effort, contributing to a high-stress environment. This demanding work schedule had unfortunately left him with no time to focus on his health and well-being. In August 2023, he got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, leaving him and his family extremely anxious.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

Recalling his initial diagnosis, he shared, “Mujhe kafi pyaas lagne lagi and shareer me thakawat rehne lagi. Mujhe yeh sab normal nahi laga toh maine apna body checkup karwaya. Uss time mujhe Type 2 Diabetes diagnosed hua. Mujhe yeh pata hi nahi tha ki yeh sab diabetes ke symptoms hai.”

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After being diagnosed, he consulted a local doctor. He was put on heavy medicine dosage after that. He was not comfortable with his treatment and started looking for alternate ways to bring his sugar levels under control.

Introduction To BeatO Diabetes Care Program

Initially, I had opted for BeatO just to check my sugar levels on a regular basis. Sometime later I found out about the BeatO Diabetes Care Program that they were offering. After learning about the features, I enrolled in their program in August 2023.

“Mujhe meri health coach ne diabetes control karne ke liye kafi cheezein batayi. Unke kehne par maine meetha khana bilkul band kar diya. Main time se apne meals lene laga aur boiled khana bhi shuru kar diya. Diet me sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds jaise healthy cheezein include kari. Pehle main din me 100 steps bhi nahi chal pata tha. Unke kehne par roz maine 8000 steps chalna shuru kar diya.”

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My Health Coach Says

His health coach Piyanka Rathore has shared his treatment plan with us. She says, “When Mr. Rajeev Seth joined our program, he was dealing with weight issues and had an HbA1c level of 12%. My primary goal was to bring his blood sugar levels under control and help him achieve his ideal body weight.

To address his needs, I recommended a diet high in fibre and protein, with a low glycemic index. However, the high protein intake led to an increase in his uric acid levels, so we adjusted his diet to include a moderate amount of protein while maintaining high fibre content.

Mr. Seth also experienced a sharp tingling sensation in his legs. To alleviate this, I advised him to incorporate physical activity into his daily routine, starting with walking 1,000 steps per day.

Within just three months, Mr. Seth saw a 6% drop in his HbA1c levels and he has also lost 8 kg of weight.”

These improvements were also made possible by his self-motivation and determination. He is an active participant in the BeatO Unbeatables Community, where all members share their daily step counts in a WhatsApp group. Mr. Seth now walks an average of 20,000 steps a day and has accumulated a total of 3,700,000 steps since starting the challenge.

I conduct daily follow-ups with him to monitor both his diet and step count. Currently, his HbA1c is at 5.6%, within the reversal range. Even after reaching this milestone, he continues to make healthy choices and is committed to further improving his health.”

My Doctor Says

Dr. Prashant Dixit has shared his treatment plan with us.

“Mr. Rajeev Seth joined the program in August 2023 with an HbA1c of 12.7%. He was experiencing symptoms such as frequent thirst, extreme fatigue, and a tingling sensation in his legs. Additionally, his weight was above the recommended range, significantly contributing to his diabetes condition.

Initially, I prescribed a higher dose of medication to quickly bring his blood sugar levels under control. He was taking four medications daily. His health coach recommended a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet, and he was encouraged to walk 10,000 steps daily.

Within just three months, Mr. Seth achieved remarkable results. His HbA1c decreased to 6.6%, the tingling sensation in his legs disappeared, and he successfully lost 8 kg.

Consequently, we were able to reduce his medication dosage. My ongoing goal is to eventually discontinue his medications and help him achieve further weight loss. I am delighted with his significant progress in less than a year.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

“Ever since I have become dedicated to my coach’s diet plan and exercise routine, I have successfully lost 8 kg weight. I can easily walk 10,000 steps in a day. Now both my cholesterol and blood pressure are also under control.”

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Fasting Reading300 mg/dL98 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading360 mg/dL130 mg/dL

Why BeatO?

BeatO ki wajah se maine chalna seekha hai. Pehle mujhe 100 step bhi chalna mushkil lagta tha. Ab main asani se roz 20,000 steps chal leta hu. Main BeatO community ka bhi active member hu. Maine Globetrotters challenge ke sath wahan 37,00,000 steps poore kar liye hai. Main ab doosre logon ko bhi motivate karta hu ki woh BeatO join karein aur apni diabetes ko control me leke aaye.”

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Mr. Rajeev’s story is a testament to the effectiveness of proactive diabetes control and the impact of a supportive healthcare ecosystem. By embracing the tools and guidance offered by BeatO, Rajeev transformed his health outlook and adopted a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle despite his diabetes diagnosis.

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