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Doctor's Day with BeatO

National Doctor’s Day: How Telemedicine is the Future of Healthcare – BeatO

Healthcare during the perils of a pandemic continues to be the utmost priority. With more and more people focusing on their individual health, doctors are having a hard time catering to so many patients and have been finding it overwhelming. Although it is advised to stay indoors, medical attention has seen exponential growth in these last months.

In order to ensure medical attention to all patients and easing the process for doctors, telemedicine has become the new way of healthcare coordination with its significance increasing day by day.

On National Doctors Day 2020, we decipher everything about this rapidly expanding field in the world of doctors.

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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the concept of remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunication technology. The process enables providing remote healthcare with the patient and the doctor physically present in different locations.

Although the concept of telemedicine started with the birth of telecommunications technology, it wasn’t until the 20th century the general population started using these technologies. While the field of virtual healthcare in India was developed to provide medication to people living in rural areas, this method has turned out to be a boon at the times of a pandemic.

Telemedicine: Boon or Bane for Doctors?

On National Doctors Day, telemedicine has definitely emerged a boon for doctors and is gaining momentum. Here are a few reasons why a telemedicine app is becoming advantageous for doctors as well as patients:

  • Patients need not travel or move to a health facility to reach out to a doctor. Not only does it save time for patients but also enables them to discuss test results or treatment effects at the comfort of their home.
  • Telemedicine in India also eliminates unnecessary admissions and readmissions of patients who do not require crucial care. This helps others who are in dire need to get more attention.
  • Another major benefit of a telemedicine app is that it opens the doors and removes boundaries by offering various resources and medical attention to the rural parts of the country.

What are the different types of telemedicine?

Telemedicine in India involves different methods such as

– Telephonic consultation

– Chat mode

– WhatsApp

– Video consultation

– Full-fledged consultation using approved electronic medical record

National Doctors Day 2020: Is Telemedicine the Future of Healthcare in India?

As mentioned above, the term telemedicine became a popular concept in the 20th century, especially after the pandemic of COVID-19 hit the world. As technology is advancing at an exponential rate, the accessibility and affordability towards healthcare are growing. Although there are a lot of challenges faced by the healthcare provider and beneficiary, telemedicine apps are continuing to grow and becoming convenient medical care. Moreover, the rise in mobile technology is impacting the development of healthcare in India. With more and more mobile health apps coming up, people are now able to monitor their health with ease using these technologies. The more the people become technologically savvy, the more will they explore alternative ways to get care.

As the world of telemedicine continues to grow, the benefits of this field are beyond imagination, especially due to low healthcare costs, easy patient access, and improved quality care.

BeatO & Telemedicine Platform (Virtual Endocrine Clinic)

Telemedicine is no doubt the future of healthcare industry. Keeping this in mind, we at BeatO have integrated in-app consultations with doctors during Covid-19 pandemic to enable users to touch base with doctors from within their homes. Our telemedicine/telehealth solution is hosting India’s top endocrinologists and other specialists through Audio/Video call. We call it BeatO’s – Virtual Endocrine Clinic. On National Doctor’s Day, BeatO App gives you the advantage of consulting a wide range of specialists ranging from Diabetologists, Dermatologists, Physiotherapists, Homeopathic Physician & more.



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