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Sanjay M.-“My HbA1c came down from 12% to 7% with BeatO.”

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Sanjay Mishra, 63 years old, is a retired business consultant who resides in Faridabad with his wife and two children. He embraces a fulfilling life by spending quality time with his family and friends.

In 2011, he began to experience discomfort due to a urinary infection, never suspecting that it would become a turning point in his life. Little did he know that this discomfort would lead to his diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. Recalling his diagnosis, he shares, Maine apne urine infection ka test karwaya toh meri fasting 300 aur meri post meal reading 500 aayi.”

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

“Main kafi panic ki state me chala gaya. Kya khana hai, kaise chalna hai, aage kaise challenge, mujhe yeh kuch samjh nai aa raha tha.”

I tried various forms of treatments to control and manage his diabetes. However, I was not able to witness any significant changes in my sugar levels. My fasting reading remained at a striking high of 250 mg/dL. I even experienced some severe symptoms like joint aches, vision problems and foot problems.

In an effort to bring a real change in my health, I started looking for alternate ways to control this chronic condition. I got to know about BeatO through a Facebook Ad. Initially, I just got myself enrolled in their 6 month BeatO Diabetes Care Program in June 2022.

My Journey With BeatO Diabetes Care Program

“Diet aur diet ka time, dono ko change karne ko bola gaya. Mera kabhi kabhi mango khane ka bhi mann kar jata hai, yeh sab kha unhone khaas khayal rakha.”

My health coach Manscheel replaced whole wheat and rice with besan and jowar. I even included Karela Juice and Jamun Juice in my diet. She also told me that if I included 10000 steps in my daily routine, I could effectively manage my sugar levels.

“Dr. Bheem ne bahut ache tareeke se mujhe consult kara. Uske baad unhone meri medication recommend kari. Woh kafi ache se mere saare diabetes se related sawalon ka jawab dete hai.”

My Improvements

“Gradually mera sugar level kam hone lag gaya. Mujhe pehle chakkar aate the aur joints me bhi pain rehta tha. Woh ab kam ho gaya hai.”

Fasting Reading300 mg/dL120 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading550 mg/dL137 mg/dL

“BeatO ka best part unka support hai. Agar aap diabetes se bachna chahte ho toh apko BeatO zaroor join karna chahiye ”

Controlling my dietary habits has majorly helped in controlling my diabetes. I would like to give my health coach all the credit for my improvements. Her daily feedback has helped me become regular with my diabetes care routine. I can definitely say that I have become a fitter version of myself after joining the BeatO Diabetes Care Program. For me, BeatO means real support.”

Finding the best glucometer online can turn out to be a tedious task. So, try Beato, a Doctor-recommended smart glucometer kit, an affordable step towards healthcare.

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