Simple Ways To Manage Blood Sugar Levels In Winter Season
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Simple Ways To Manage Blood Sugar Levels In Winter Season

manage your sugar levels in winter

Diabetes management is a major challenge today. Diabetic people are more likely to experience higher blood glucose levels in the winter than in the summer. Therefore, they should take extra precautions when it comes to temperature variations or seasonal changes. As the temperature decreases, many diabetics’ blood sugar levels increase. It happens because you might exercise less and the cold weather keeps you inside.

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How Can The Winter Season Impact People With Diabetes?

Manage Blood Sugar Levels In Winter Season

Regardless of the type of diabetes a person has, chilly weather can raise HbA1c or glycated hemoglobin levels. Most likely, this is as a result of less physical activity. Some people find it difficult to go outside during cold weather.

People frequently report feeling low during the winter, since they tend to remain inside more and go out less. Exercising less during the winter can occasionally cause mood swings or despair, which might raise a person’s blood sugar levels.

Most diabetic people experience a loss of sensation in their toes and feet during the winter because of vascular abnormalities. As a result, it is advised that people periodically inspect their feet to make sure there are no pressure sores or open wounds.

Tips For Regulating Your Blood Sugar During The Winter Season

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Portion Control

Your body gets its energy from the macronutrients, protein, fat, and carbs. Carbohydrates in particular, which are turned into glucose or sugar and taken into the bloodstream, have the greatest impact on blood sugar levels. The abundance of carbohydrates in many holiday sweets will raise your blood sugar levels. Plan your meals and limit the number of special indulgences you consume.

Tips For Regulating Your Blood Sugar During The Winter Season

Don’t Skip Your Exercise Because of The Cold Weather

In the winter, it might be challenging to find the motivation to work out. But keeping blood sugar under control requires activity.

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Pay Attention To Your Feet

Your feet and toes may start to lose feeling if you have diabetes. To prevent infections, moisturize your feet but avoid the area in between your toes, and check them frequently.

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Protect Your Supplies

Excessive colds, like extreme heat, can disrupt your insulin and stop your glucose monitor from operating. When it is below freezing outside, don’t leave supplies in the car.

Stress Reduction

In situations of diabetes, managing stress by gentle exercise, yoga, meditation, or even reading is useful.

Regularly Check Your Sugar Level

Wintertime hunger is a regular occurrence, since the body expends more energy, keeping us warm. Consuming nutrient-dense foods over processed fast food is advised. Keep an eye on your sugar levels throughout the day to monitor your eating habits.

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