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Surprising Side Effects of Energy Drinks on Blood Sugar Levels

With a fast paced lifestyle, being constantly high on energy is the need of the hour. With a variety of energy drinks available in the market, it is easy to fall for the trap and put your health at risk. Diabetics need to be extra cautious before they supplement their controlled diet with these drinks. Energy drinks claim to increase energy levels but studies have proven that these give rise to glucose and insulin and cause instant boost, but in the long run and after few hours of consumption can lead to fatigue.

Ingredients in the Energy Drinks

In order to provide that instant energy boost, the ingredients present in energy drinks directly affect your blood sugar levels. While some drinks are loaded with added sugars which act as manipulators for your normal sugar level, others contain caffeine and other stimulants. These substances often lead to the body going into hyper-energetic mode due to release of epinephrine or adrenaline. However, this also result in hyperglycemia or lower than normal sugar level, which can even prove life-threatening.

Energy Drinks and Risk Factors for Diabetics

A typical diet contains more than 35 percent of sugar content which results in no additional nutritional values and in fact adds to diabetes sugar level. Studies have proven consumption of sweetened drinks increased the risk of developing type 2 diabetes both in men and women and disturbed their normal range for blood sugar. Additionally, these also throw your diabetes management regime off track and disrupt level of blood sugar.

Energy Drinks with Alcohol and How These Affect Blood Sugars

In almost all energy drinks, the quantity of alcohol is present in order to give them that energy quotient. A combination of alcohol, sugar and caffeine can prove fatal, especially in insulin resistant individual. Sudden fluctuations in blood glucose levels, both hyperglycemia (high blood sugar levels) and hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) can cause dangerous symptoms like confusion, nervousness and seizures. This also affects other diabetes management regime followed to control diabetes and hence must be carefully included in the diet.

Insulin resistance is an indication of development of diabetes and hence both caffeine and alcohol in the energy drinks
create a barrier and prevents diabetics from leading a healthy life. It is important to consult your diabetes educator or doctor before consuming any energy drink and also keep a strict check on your blood glucose levels using a compact glucometer. The readings obtained from glucometer must be analysed and accordingly treatment prescribed for leading a healthy and joyful life with diabetes.

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