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10 minutes to Better Diabetes Management

Exercise helps you feel and stay good. For diabetics it can also help lower blood sugar and keep diabetes under control. Regular physical activity is an essential part of diabetes management, along with a proper diet and medications as prescribed. The wonders of exercise are immense. Lower blood sugar levels Reduces cholesterol levels Helps in weight management as it burn …

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3 Herbal Drinks that greatly help in managing Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Diabetes can be controlled with the proper planning of food habits and lifestyle. Some slight tweaks and twisting in your diet is what all it takes. With a 30-minute exercise regime that goes along with the diet plan, there is no doubt that your diabetes can be kept at bay forever. A good cardio workout everyday will keep your body …

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Diabetes And Alcohol- The Deadly Combination

Alcoholism and Diabetes are both chronic illnesses. When put together it can be fatal. The correlation is based out of  the human metabolism. The liver helps to raise blood-sugar levels by releasing glucose. But when alcohol is in the system, this does not happen, as the liver’s first priority is to get rid of alcohol. While those having moderate amounts …

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