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Diabetes and Periods| What you should know

Approximately in a month-long cycle, a woman goes through hormonal fluctuations which then trigger ovulation and finally menstruation. The hormonal fluctuations can affect other body systems and functions as well as the reproductive system. Women living with diabetes many at times experience some unique menstrual challenges as a result of these complex hormonal interactions. 1. Controlling blood sugar may be …

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What is Brittle Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Understanding Brittle Diabetes and Normal Glucose Levels in the Human Body Referred to the tough to control type 1 diabetes, brittle diabetes involves frequent, extreme swings in blood glucose levels, causing hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. Also known as labile diabetes, the blood glucose levels often swing from very low to very high. This type of diabetes is not considered to be …

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Glucose Levels V/S Insulin Levels: Everything You Need to Know

Human body is a combination of complex functioning of various organ systems working together to help us lead a healthy life. Glucose is an extremely important component of the body which is derived from sugar in the food we consume. Foods high in sugar like pasta, grains, cakes, starchy vegetables and pastry act as instant sugar sources which get absorbed …

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Make your Driving easy with Diabetes

Driving in India can be a great learning experience, especially for amateurs who get to challenge their driving skills every time they hit the Indian roads. While Indian roads surely serve as the most difficult to drive on, moreover due to increasing volume of traffic, it becomes especially difficult for people with diabetes. Observing precautions while on Indian roads is …

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