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Taking Charge of Diabetes: Regular Monitoring with Smartphone Glucometer

Living with diabetes requires regular blood sugar monitoring, with the frequency of the test varying according to the stage of diabetes and patterns of sugar levels in your blood. Frequent monitoring has been simplified with a compact and handy device – blood glucose meters – which can give instant blood sugar readings in the comfort of your home or office or even while you are travelling. The aim is to make monitoring easier for better compliance with these blood glucose meters as analysis of the pattern of your blood sugar readings over a period of time help you and your health expert plan the necessary lifestyle and diet changes to manage blood glucose levels.

BeatO Glucometers: BeatO Smartphone Glucometer plugs into the audio port of the phone using the 3.5mm jack. It works seamlessly with Android devices and iPhones. When you take a reading, it is constantly monitored by BeatO’s Certified Diabetes Experts who periodically guide you to different aspects of lifestyle management in order to effectively manage diabetes.

BeatO is introducing you to a new approach to manage Diabetes. Not only is the device small and very easy to carry but it also allows faster exchange and instant feedback from Diabetes Experts on your readings. BeatO Smartphone Glucometer lets you create a network through its easy share feature such that your family, Doctor and Personal Diabetes Expert gets an alert when your reading is not in the safe zone.

The BeatO Glucometer comes with spare strips for regular blood glucose monitoring so that you never have an excuse to miss your self-assessment. Being CE certified, the BeatO Glucometer follows all prescribed protocols for higher accuracy (+/- 15%). Be rest assured, your diabetes care management is in safe hands.

How to Use a Beato Glucometer
1. Unbox the BeatO glucometer packed with added care for better product storage and safety and more accurate readings.

2. Plug the device into the audio jack of your smartphone. Open the BeatO Android app.

3. Insert one strip (into the glucometer) out of the set of strips provided with the glucometer.

4. Using the lancet, prick your finger gently and squeeze to let out some blood.

5. Depending on the thickness of the skin, the lancet can be adjusted on a scale of 1 to 5 to prick the finger accordingly. Lancet set at 2 or 3 generally works well.

6. Put a tiny sample on the strip. The BeatO Smartphone glucometer instantly measures glucose level in your blood and displays accurate readings in the Android app synced with the device.

7. Readings can be instantly shared with a network of your doctor, friends and family members.

8. Regular readings are stored as a log in the android app which can be used to analyse history of blood glucose patterns.

Buy Glucometers from Beato at Best Prices

Buying a glucometer is now as easy as using it. You can buy glucometers from BeatO in order to monitor blood glucose easily and accurately. BeatO offers glucometers online at pocket-friendly prices which empowers diabetics to ensure better compliance towards self-management of diabetes. Not only is the glucometer price affordable but BeatO also offers a set of strips, lancets and lancing device along with the glucometer, all at no extra cost.

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