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Taking Charge of Your Health – The Road to Diabetes Reversal

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diabetes reversal through lifestyle changes

One of the frustrating aspects of diabetes is constant blood sugar monitoring, especially in type-1 and chronic type-2 variants. Moreover, the overwhelming restriction on the food options increases the anxiousness further. These are some of the reasons why more and more people with diabetes are seeking solutions to “reverse type-2 diabetes”. Although there is no cure for type-2 diabetes, you can bring down your blood sugar levels to normal through diet, exercise, and stress control.

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A word of caution—lifestyle changes can only push your diabetes into remission, and that too without medication. It does not mean you can go back to your old ways of living. The illness can come back despite your best efforts; therefore, continuing with the diet and exercise regimes is crucial for long-term freedom. On the brighter side, thousands of people have managed to keep their blood sugar levels within a healthy range without medicines for years together.

Remember, if you are pre-diabetic or recently diagnosed with type-2 (insulin-independent), you can reverse your condition naturally through a healthy diet and exercise. It may take time, but you will achieve your goal if you are persistent.

Demystifying Diabetes Reversal – Is It Achievable?

Are you looking to reverse pre-diabetes / diabetes? Unsure if the same can be achieved? Fret not! Diabetes can be reversed following a strict diet/workout regime. Here are some essential rules to achieve your glycaemic goals –

  1. Cut down on sugar intake.
  2. Cut down on carbohydrates.
  3. Increase healthy fat/proteins in your diet.
  4. Avoid refined/processed food products.
  5. Work out regularly and reduce weight.

So, how do you know if you have managed to reverse your diabetes?

Apart from regular monitoring through a glucometer, you will have to undertake the HbA1c test. This test offers insights into your long-term glucose levels, typically for the past 3 months. In case your reading is below 48 mmol/mol, it is time for you to celebrate.

However, remission does not translate into cure. Complacency can result in the resurgence of this ailment. Another critical aspect of diabetes reversal is the intensity. People with type-1 and type-2 diabetes (who require regular insulin) will find it nearly impossible to achieve their target. However, these individuals may find themselves in a position where they require less insulin dosage, and even the frequency may come down. Not many people are aware that one of the causes of diabetes is erratic insulin production and utilisation. The above-mentioned recommendations reverse insulin resistance and help control diabetes in the long run.

Dietary Choices That Matter – Nutrition’s Role in Reversing Diabetes

Dietary choices and portions are strictly designed by dieticians in consultation with your healthcare provider. You cannot do this on your own unless you have a sound knowledge of various foods and their inherent nutritional values. Your dietician will also offer psychological tricks when it comes to diet. For example, “The Meal Plate” strategy not only divides the plate into 3/4 sections (to accommodate carbs, fats, and proteins), but you may also be advised to use a smaller plate. This will not only reduce the portion size, but when you are through with your meal, you have a sense of satiation, as if you have indulged in a full meal.

Some of the common foods suggested by professional dieticians that address the question “how to reverse pre-diabetes or diabetes” include –

  • Unprocessed or whole grains. This includes oatmeal, brown rice, or quinoa.
  • Green, leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, or broccoli. These can be steamed or grilled.
  • Proteins/fats such as beans, nuts, seeds, fish (salmon or tuna), and eggs.

Most of the customised meal plate consists of low fats, and the recommended oil for cooking is restricted to canola or olive oil.

Exercise and Diabetes Reversal – The Transformative Power of Movement

The adage “For those who don’t make time for exercise, they’ll have to make time for illness” describes the relationship between the human body and physical activities very aptly. This is even more relevant in the case of diabetes because regular workouts not only help reverse pre-diabetes but also delay/prevent the development of type-2 blood sugar upheavals.

The Rule of Thumb for People with Diabetes-

The American Diabetes Association has come to the conclusion that 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise coupled with assorted resistance training and stretching can go a long way in keeping the body in fine shape and optimal BMI. Aerobics/cardio endurance regimes such as running, cycling, swimming, and even dancing strengthen the respiratory system and the heart and move large muscles of the body, reducing flab and, thereby, weight.

It has been found in several studies that regular workout reduces the need for frequent insulin. In some cases, individuals have moved to medicines instead of depending on insulin intake.

The Mantra –

At the outset, those looking to reverse pre-diabetes or diabetes naturally must understand that the mantra is to exploit a highly optimised diet low in carbs and indulge in exercises that burn calories quickly. You will be surprised at the results vis-à-vis your blood glucose levels.

Stress Reduction Techniques – Managing Diabetes Naturally

There is no shortcut to diabetes reversal, especially when you opt for diet and exercise-based techniques. This simply means that over-the-counter dietary supplements, unapproved designer, synthetic medicines that claim quick weight loss, or off-the-shelf drugs that promise speedy freedom from high blood glucose levels are nothing but fake promises. You have to work hard to achieve your glycemic goals. And reducing stress in your life is another essential part of this regime.

Many psychologists suggest mindfulness through yoga and meditation, a proven method that offers relief from physical and psychological suffering. The idea is to counter dreadful thoughts, unknown fears, and tame anxiety. Diverting the thoughts towards positive elements of the environment is the best way to address specific body stresses. Music heals the mind, controlled breathing relaxes the body, and meditation allows you to focus in a profound way that is almost divine-like.

Adopt a hobby to get away from the daily workplace/business frustrations. Get socially active; join online groups that resonate with your ideologies. Don’t consider stress reduction a chore. Instead, enjoy this routine. Remember, it is your gateway to reverse insulin resistance.

Tracking Your Progress – Celebrating Milestones on the Path to Reversal

Tracking your diabetes reversal program is important from a couple of perspectives –

  • It allows you to coordinate with your healthcare provider/dietician armed with verifiable data. If your weight keeps increasing despite your best efforts, you can talk to your medical advisor/fitness guide. These entities will help modify or analyse the failure and find the reason for the same. Tracking also lets you know which foods and fitness regimes provide the best results in your case.
  • If you are on the path to reversal, it’s time to celebrate and keep the good work going. Success begets success. Diabetes reversal will inspire you to work even harder, not just in achieving your health goals but life goals, too. It will keep you perpetually motivated to do things you never thought you were capable of. However, a word of caution: celebration does not mean complacency. You need to keep the momentum going. It means sticking to the routines religiously to reverse type-2 diabetes.

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Diabetes is debilitating. But ignoring your body, your health is even more regretful. Why wait for this illness to come knocking on your door? Why not prevent/delay the same by adopting an optimized lifestyle? Remember, prevention is better than cure. For those affected by this illness, all is not lost. Get on your feet and follow the above principles of addressing diabetes naturally. Take control of your health: take control of your life.

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