The Advantages of a Glucometer
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The Advantages of a Glucometer

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One of the best ways to treat and manage diabetes is by keeping a regular tab of your blood sugar levels. Therefore, the blood glucose meter is an essential part of your life. In fact, having a suitable glucose meter can make a world of difference in managing your diabetes. This article discusses the advantages of a glucometer over the traditional visits to your doctor.

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What is a Glucometer?

A glucose meter (or glucometer) is a portable device that is used to measure the amount of glucose in your blood. The kit contains a battery-operated digital meter, a lancet device that adjusts the depth of the fingerstick depending on skin thickness, lancets, glucometer strips, and tracking software.

A glucometer can help you achieve your blood sugar goals with better adherence to your medication. Tracking your blood sugar levels allows you to understand the importance of how diet and exercise affect your glucose levels. It also helps your doctor adjust your individualized treatment plan.

Traditional Testing Method Versus Testing with a Glucometer

Fasting and post-meal blood sugar testing cost somewhere between ₹100-300 depending on your geographical location. In metro cities, the costs are double compared to tier-two cities and towns.

Moreover, the quality and availability of diagnostic centers in your locality also affect the price. For instance, if the closest diagnostic center is in a 5-7 kilometer radius. Even the cheapest mode of transport available may cost you a minimum of ₹50. Now, if you see frequent fluctuations in sugar levels, your doctor may ask you to monitor your sugar levels weekly or bi-weekly. So your monthly budget shoots up by at least ₹1000 per month or ₹12,000 per year. On the other hand, the average cost of a glucometer is around ₹1500 only.


Advantages of a Glucometer

  • Easy to Use

Glucometer offers you the facility of testing your blood sugar levels from the comfort of your home without needing to always go to a doctor. This is especially great for people who need to check their sugar levels regularly.

  • Accuracy

Modern glucometers have highly sensitive strips created with specific chemicals to detect every component of blood accurately. Therefore, you can achieve near-to-laboratory accuracy from the comfort of your home.

  • Helps make medical decisions

A glucometer gives you an accurate reading of your sugar level to make crucial decisions about your medication or diet. For example, if your blood sugar levels are low, you might want to consume a quick snack before working out to avoid feeling sick or unconscious. The readings will also help you know the impact of any new medication or food on your diabetes. Additionally, you can also get to know about the sudden rise in your blood sugar levels. This can help you connect with your healthcare provider in time.

  • Value-added benefits of smart glucometers and apps

The newer range of glucometers can do so much more than merely read your blood sugar levels. Most recent apps can sync data to apps and work with Bluetooth. These aptly named smart glucometers can let you record data, track insulin, and even keep notes about your diet and exercise. These records are maintained on apps, and the information can even be shared with your family members or physicians. Additionally, most of these smart glucometers are convenient to carry around, as they are compact-sized. They are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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  • Cost-effective

Finally, a glucometer is a one-time investment. This helps you save money on laboratory tests. Plus, you would also save money that was supposed to be spent on your commute. That is because you do not have to visit your doctor to share the results physically; you can easily send these across online. So, overall, this is a worthwhile medical investment that is a must-have for people with diabetes.

It is essential to find the most suitable one from a wide variety of glucometers available in the market. You can choose to buy a glucometer based on its price, accuracy, size, convenience, mode of information storage, etc.

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