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How to dispose needles and lancets?

There are many diabetics who use supplies such as needles, lancets and blood strips which later become medical waste.

It is important to know not just how to use them but also how to dispose your diabetic supplies safely and properly.

#Tip 1: Never Share

Always remember to use your own needles, lancet and syringes. It is also important to NEVER clean your needles or lancets with alcohol as this removes the coating that helps it slides into your skin. The ripping of the coating makes the syringe or needle dull.

And a dull stick is more painful and offers less blood, leading to wastage of that supply. Also  it is important to not share supplies from a hygiene point of view.

# Tip 2: Disposal of the insulin needle

Make sure to immediately dispose off or discard  insulin needles if they are bent, dull or unsanitary.

The entire syringe should be placed in an airtight or well sealed container so that it won’t allow the needle to break through.

# Tip 3: Disposal of lancet

Lancets are used to collect small blood samples. Hese also need to be disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Suitable containers for disposing of needles and lancets include heavy plastic bottle with a screw cap or a plastic box that closes securely. Never use glass.

Make sure to dispose the pack with a well written note stating USED SHARPS. DO NOT RECYCLE and put in the regular trash.

There are also store bought containers that are available for disposing of lancets. You can look for these on diabetic product websites.

# Tips 4: Disposal of test strip

Typically people with diabetes dispose of their blood strips in the same waste container as in which they dispose sharps. You should keep them in a sealed bag and then place it.Usually test strips have instructions inside the package about proper disposal.Make sure to follow them religiously.

It is important to know proper waste handling.  Used diabetic supplies such as pen needles, syringes, lancets and blood strips are all considered medical waste. It is your moral duty to keep  everyone safe by following proper disposal techniques and guidelines.

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If you are someone who follows this, make sure to educate people around you. Passing on such information is not only beneficial for the person but the community as a whole.

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