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Deepak S.- “My HbA1c came down from 11.6% to 6.3% with BeatO.”

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37 years old, Delhi
Works as an account at a CA firm
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Deepak Sharma, a 37-year-old residing in New Delhi with his family, leads a busy life as an accountant, often juggling long hours at work. Amidst his hectic schedule, he received the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, prompting him to reflect on his lifestyle choices. Recalling his diagnosis, he acknowledges the impact of his sedentary work routine and unhealthy eating habits.

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“My prolonged sitting hours and my love for cold drinks and fried foods contributed to the development of Type 2 Diabetes,” he reveals. Furthermore, Deepak acknowledges a family history of diabetes, recognizing the genetic predisposition that added to his risk. He admits to not having a fixed eating and workout routine before getting on the program.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

“Mujhe suddenly kafi zyada body pain hone lage. Thoda sa walk karne par kafi pairo medadrd hota tha aurstamina kafi low ho jata tha. My sister asked me to get myself tested and after that, my HbA1c came out to be 11.6%.”

He began consulting various doctors, who prescribed insulin therapy. However, the daily injections proved uncomfortable for him. Despite adhering to insulin therapy, he found it to be ineffective in controlling his condition. This led him to seek alternative treatments.

My Journey With BeatO Diabetes Care Program

“I was researching online when I came across BeatO. Compared to other programs that were charging me around 50-60k per year, I found BeatO to be much more economical, costing only around 1000 per month. The significant difference in cost was a deciding factor for me. Taking all these factors into consideration, I joined the BeatO Diabetes Care Program in January 2024.”

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He was advised to incorporate plenty of vegetables and fruits into his diet, along with increasing his water intake. Additionally, he now opts to take the stairs at the office instead of the elevator. These simple adjustments have played a significant role in helping him control his diabetes.

Since enrolling in the program, his dietary habits have markedly improved. He has eliminated fried foods and foods containing added sugars from his diet altogether. His health coach provides invaluable support, offering guidance even during occasional lapses such as skipping a meal or indulging in a cheat meal.

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

“Within just 10-15 days of joining the program, I was advised to discontinue insulin. It was an important moment for me, marking the beginning of my body’s adjustment to the new routine. In just three and a half months, I experienced remarkable progress. The tingling sensation in my legs and hands has completely vanished.”

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Fasting Reading260 mg/dL80 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading386 mg/dL140 mg/dL

About BeatO

Impressed by the positive outcomes he achieved, he eagerly shares his experience with the BeatO Diabetes Care Program. “I find it incredibly convenient that I can access my blood sugar readings directly through the app, and these records are also shared with my doctor and health coach,” he explains. This seamless integration facilitates comprehensive analysis of his health data, enabling his health coach and doctor to offer tailored guidance and motivation based on his progress.

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While unsure about the curability of diabetes, he emphasizes the effectiveness of controlling the condition, regardless of age. “I may not know if it’s curable, but I’ve learned firsthand that diabetes can be effectively controlled at any stage of life,” he remarks. Encouraged by his own success, he extends his recommendation of the program to his father and friends, emphasizing its significance to empower others in taking control of their health and well-being.

Searching for the best diabetes clinics near your place, maybe you should try out BeatO, a cost-effective solution for your healthcare needs.

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