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Which One is More Dangerous? Low or High Blood Sugar Levels

What is Low and High Sugar Level?

There are times where no matter how much you try to maintain normal sugar level, it always ends up being high or low. Low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia occurs when there is low glucose levels in blood which makes it difficult for body to function normally.

Low blood sugar causes primarily include diabetes related side effects. But could also be due to

  • Certain medications
  • Medical condition like kidney disorder
  • Rare chances of tumor which produces extra insulin
  • Endocrine disorders

Effects of low blood sugar level include both short term complications such as confusion, dizziness etc and long term complications such as coma or even death.

If blood sugar is below 70 mg/dL, you should treat yourself right away.

High blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia occurs when people have high sugar levels in blood.

  • Blood glucose levels higher than 7.0 mmol/L (126 mg/dl) when fasting
  • Blood glucose levels higher than 11.0 mmol/L (200 mg/dl) 2 hours after meals

Which one is more dangerous?

Some people fear low and some fear high blood sugar levels.If the range is not in normal it is risky no matter if your have low blood sugar range or high.

Low blood sugar symptoms are intense as they act like an emergency alarm our body produces to help save itself.Low blood glucose in the absence of ketones can prove to be deadly.

Effects of high blood sugar results in long term vascular damages and in the presence of high level of ketones can also lead to deadly ketoacidosis.

Considering insulin?

Most blood sugar reactions are managed by eating meals on time, taking diabetes medicine, and testing blood sugar often.

For type 2 diabetics there is not enough insulin production by the pancreas therefore they might need to consider additional insulin boost to maintain blood sugar levels. It is advisable to talk to your doctor or health care educator to guide you regarding the same.

Track blood sugar levels with a glucometer: Blood sugar management can get difficult at times. Keeping a glucometer will prove beneficial to blood sugar monitoring and control diabetes better. A glucometer is a device that helps you take sugar reading from the comfort of wherever you are. The ones which connect via a smart app are even better as they allow you to share reading with you doctor and also help keep a track of your past readings.

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