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Common Blood Sugar Test Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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Ever wondered why you sometimes get an inaccurate reading even when you’re using the best glucometer and ensuring timely monitoring? Sometimes, you might be doing even the simplest things in the wrong manner that results in an inaccurate reading. We have curated a list of common blood sugar test mistakes.

If blood sugar levels are left unchecked, it may aggravate your diabetic condition. Monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly is as important as following all the right habits to keep them under control.

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Common Blood Sugar Test Mistakes

washing hands

-Not washing your hands properly before using a glucometer
It is important that you properly clean your hands with warm water and soap before testing. If you have eaten a fruit before testing your blood sugar, particles might be stuck to your fingertips and will result in an incorrect sugar reading.

-Not pricking correctly
While taking your blood sugar reading, it is advised that you prick at the edges of your finger rather than the center.

test strips

-Reusing lancets and test strips.
Both lancets and test strips are sensitive and prone to infections. Since the monitoring is done based on your blood sample, lancets and sugar test strips should also be disposed of in a better manner. Also, keep them away from direct heat and sunlight. Store them in an airtight container to keep them away from dirt and moisture.

-Testing immediately after a meal
If you test your blood glucose immediately after eating a meal, your reading will probably be too high. Therefore, it is advised that you take a minimum gap of two hours between your meal and taking your blood sugar reading.

-Not checking the expiry date of test strips
Using old or expired test strips will give inaccurate results. Some glucometers might even reject expired test strips. Always make sure that you check the date of expiry before using any test strips.

health coach

-Not consulting a health coach or a doctor
It is always better to get a proper understanding of your situation after consulting your doctor or health coach. They help you in analysing your diabetic condition- symptoms, treatments, recommendations and more.

-Irregular monitoring of blood sugar levels
Make sure that you monitor your sugar readings on a regular basis. Depending on your reading, incorporate the right changes to your diet and lifestyle.

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The above-listed measures will help you in avoiding infections related to blood sampling and they will most importantly, help you get an accurate sugar reading. Getting an accurate blood sugar reading on a regular basis will help you ensure diabetes management in the best possible manner.

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