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Coffee for Diabetics: Yay or Nay?

Everyone likes to have their daily dose of caffeine in a different form. You may want to choose from cappuccino, iced coffee, black coffee, macchiato, Irish coffee among others. Caffeine is addictive and most people can’t think of starting their day without their daily dose of happiness. 

While we like to relish our daily cup, we seldom think about the impact coffee has on our existing diabetic condition. On this International Coffee Day, let us ponder over the impact of coffee on our sugar levels. 

Caffeine and Diabetes
Caffeine is high in antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the inflammation in your body which results in a lesser risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. As per a study, having 3 cups of coffee in a day can reduce your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes.
However, it can have adverse effects on your health if you already have Type 2 diabetes. In the longer run, it may also lead to health complications like heart disease and nerve damage. 

Caffeine has been proved to raise both sugar levels and insulin levels. Your sugar levels will rise as soon as you have a cup of coffee.
It also reduces your insulin sensitivity. This means that your body is not able to absorb sugar from your blood when you eat or drink. This leads to your body releasing a higher level of insulin. 

Stress hormones such as epinephrine are also raised after you consume caffeine. This causes the cells of your body to not process the sugar in the correct manner. It also prevents them from making the desired level of insulin. 

Coffee containing syrups
A lot of us might like to have a latte or a hazelnut cappuccino, but it can be detrimental for your blood sugar levels. Being a diabetic, you should always avoid drinks containing a lot of sugar. Also, lattes contain extra milk which causes a spike in your sugar levels.

Caffeine, Sleep and Blood Sugar Levels
It is also common knowledge that caffeine causes an inability to sleep properly which lowers your insulin sensitivity. Lack of sleep can also cause stress and anxiety which leads to a rise in your sugar levels. 

You should consume everything in moderation as an excess of any substance can cause health complications in the future. Health complications caused by diabetes include nerve damage, cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, brain damage, etc. 

Healthier alternatives
You may want to stick to your everyday coffee, but in order to maintain your sugar levels, it is important that you make the right choices. Here are some healthier alternatives to coffee-

  • Infused Water
  • Herbal Teas 
  • Low fat milk
  • Green smoothies
  • Sugar-free lemonade

Opt for drinks that have a low sugar content. You can also substitute sugar with low-calorie, natural and sugar-free sweeteners such as Stevia. Prepare your favourite drinks and food using this sweetener to satiate your sugar craving. 

You should always make healthier choices when it comes to managing your sugar levels. Consume the right diet and maintain a fitness routine. Also, do not forget to monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis. 

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