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Common Diabetic Drugs

If you are suffering from diabetes & fail to control the blood sugar levels, you will most likely end up with some debilitating health issues like blindness, diabetic neuropathy, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke, digestive problems, nerve damage and various other infections. Majority of these conditions are incurable. The best way to control this disease is by using the diabetic drugs. These medications can either be taken separately from each other or as a working combination, whichever way seems efficient enough to cure this prolonged disease. These drugs can either be taken orally i.e. in a form of tablet or it can be injected into a patients body.

  • Numerous studies have correlated a diabetes medication, Rosiglitazone, with cardiovascular morbidity & mortality. It belongs to a course of anti-diabetic medicines called as thiazolidinediones. You would be surprised to know that the common name of Rosiglitazone is Avandia that is regularly referred to as an insulin sensitizer & used to cure individuals suffering from diabetes type II.
  • Metformin is a common drug in the biguanide class that works towards rising insulin sensitivity. It also lowers the glucose production by the liver. This is the most usually used drug for type 2 diabetes in kids & adolescents and different other anti-diabetic medicines, that does not trigger weight gain. This is particularly suited for females who are suffering from gestational diabetes.
  • Sulfonylurea is another kind of medicine lowers the blood sugar level by causing the body to discharge stored insulin. Usually these are not recommended to patients who are suffering from type 1 or gestational diabetes.
  • Another drug that has proven to be proficient of controlling the increasing levels of sugar (glucose) in the body is Amaryl. This medicine acts by working on the individual’s pancreas making it raise the production of insulin in reaction to ingested meal timesso as the body is able to utilize the glucose more competently and efficiently. For successful results, this drug is to be consumed once a day after having your meal.
  • Byetta is alternative drug that acts as a synthetic hormone that aids the body rouse the secretion of insulin in reaction to the blood sugar levels.
  • Alternative diabetes medicine that is often suggested to diabetic individuals is Actos. Similarly Amaryl, this medicine is usually supposed to be consumed once in a day. Once this is done, this drug works by raising the sensitivity of the body towards insulin hormone. Furthermore to this, the medicine makes the insulin become efficient and tougher to deal with the ever-increasing levels of sugar in the body.

These are some of the commonly used diabetic drugs. However, the people suffering from diabetes are recommended to speak to their doctor before taking or changing any diabetic medicine.

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