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Enjoying Sports as a Diabetic

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sports as a diabetic

People who have diabetes can continue playing sports just like a normal individual. Whether you wish to go for gold or just to go hiking in your hometown, diabetes should definitely not hold you back. There are ways of enjoying sports as a diabetic person.

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Certainly, engaging in a sport being a diabetic requires some effective planning. But before getting into any kind of sport or exercise, diabetics are advised to bring it to their doctor’s notice and listen to what he or she advises.

Some Useful Tips

Here are some of the tips that can make diabetics – both children and adults ready to play sport:

  • Self testing(glucometer)the blood sugar levels is important. Diabetics involved in sport must know how to self test and must do so as and when asked by their doctors.
  • Diabetics might require carrying out the blood sugar level test before, during as well as after the exercise. This process is termed as self-monitoring.

Keys to Enjoying Sports as a Diabetic

Keys to Enjoying Sports as a Diabetic

Besides these tips, diabetics also need to:

  • Have their insulin pump in place. Before beginning with any sport, they must ensure that their insulin pump does not get troubled by their activity. If they are in any way not able to play sports due to their insulin pump, they must get in touch with their doctor.
  • Make wise food choices. Their doctor is the best person to guide them what to eat when they are to engage in any kind of sport. For example, the diabetics might need additional snacks while in sport.
  • The diabetics must take snacks and water along, at the time of exercising.
  • They must prefer carrying adequate supplies.
  • It is essential that the diabetics have the required medication, testing equipment and also must have emergency contact information with them.
  • The diabetics must choose the site of injection sensibly while planning to exercise.
  • Tell the people around you that they have diabetes. Shun away from working out because people do not know about your diabetes. This is helpful for them.
  • Stop playing when they need to. Though giving up in sport is not generally seen as a positive factor, if they have diabetes, just whenever your body asks you to.

Other Benefits of Exercise

Other Benefits of Exercise

Exercise, thus plays a significant role in managing diabetes and keeping you healthy. There are various benefits associated with exercising like

  • Assisting your body to make use of insulin
  • Lowering the risk of heart disease
  • Boosting your energy level
  • Burning calories helping you maintaining effective weight
  • Relieving stress by boosting your mood
  • Strengthening your bones and muscles

So, the diabetics can also enjoy sports as other athletes do.

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