Diabetic Diet Chart: A Complete Guide to Control Diabetes

diabetes diet chart

One of the most important factors to overcome diabetes is by following the right diet. Although no food is off-limits, it is always best to stick to the best food for diabetics. The main goal of a diabetic while choosing food is to ensure the blood sugar levels stay in control (especially after meals). Check out this diabetic diet chart to make your life easier.

Consult with Diabetes Experts Now

BeatO’s Health Coach, Dt. Poojitha L Acharya (Senior Nutrition and Research Analyst) shares, “when it comes to controlling diabetes, dietary habit is key since diabetes is a dietary disorder. Also dieting is not about restricting food, instead, it’s about eating a nutritious, and balanced diet depending on each individual’s tolerance to a particular food”.

Diabetic Diet Chart of Do’s and Don’ts

We have curated a list of food groups that can help in creating the perfect diet for diabetics. We have divided the food items below that you can eat and those that you should avoid.

Fruits and Greens

  • Have them:
    • Fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibre and carbohydrates!
    • Although most of them are naturally low in fat, they have more carbs in comparison to vegetables.
    • Leafy greens are incredibly nutritious and low in calories. They are also a significant source of fibre. Fresh-leafy vegetables that can be eaten raw or lightly steamed are a great addition to the list of foods for diabetics.
  • Avoid them: 
    • Artificial food items that claim to be extracted from fruits and vegetables. Canned juices are high in calories, trans-fat and sugar.


We are often told that milk is an excellent source of protein. But is it equally beneficial in a diabetic food chart?

  • Have them:
    • Milk is an important source of vitamin D, calcium and proteins. You should choose skimmed milk and low-fat unsweetened yoghurt in your diet.
  • Avoid them: 
    • Whole milk or full cream milk and ice creams are highly not recommended for diabetics.

Fats and Sweets

This is one part of the Indian diet chart for diabetic patients that needs to be consumed with consideration. Since fats and sweet items can raise sugar levels and increase weight, it is best to consume them in small portions.

  • Have them:
    • Nuts, seeds and avocados are loaded with essential fibres and vitamins. You can try nuts and seeds as a healthy alternative to snacking.
    • If you want to eat chocolate once in a while, consider eating unsweetened chocolate.
  • Avoid them:
    • Fat from cookies, cakes, burgers, and other such fast foods can harm your body and initiate a glucose spike in your blood.

Now that you know the food types that are best for you, we have created this type 2 diabetes food chart that can help you make the right choices:

diabetic diet chart, diabetes diet plan, blood sugar level chart by age

Hence, diabetes management requires a holistic approach towards your lifestyle and making changes that might seem small but can create an enormous impact. Since diabetes is a progressive condition, it is better to manage your sugar levels initially and avoid complications at a later stage.

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Follow the diet as prescribed by our health coaches to keep all your vitals in check. Along with diet, make sure that you have a fitness regime that also helps you keep your stress levels under control.


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