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Ganesh Chaturthi Special | Diabetes-friendly Modak Recipe

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Sugar Free Ladoo Recipe for diabetics

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is here. Lord Ganesha is fondly known by many names such as ‘Vighnaharta’, ‘Dukhharta’and ‘Siddhivinayak’. While you enjoy this festival, you should make sure that you do not overindulge, being a diabetic. Therefore, we have curated this diabetes-friendly Modak recipe, just for you!

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Here’s a diabetes-friendly recipe for Lord Ganapati’s favorite sweet delicacy, Modak. It is low in carbohydrates and made with love. Be sure to have only one or two as your health may permit and monitor your sugars before and after having this diabetes-friendly delicacy.

How to Make Diabetes-friendly Modak, This Ganesh Chaturthi?

How to Make Diabetes-friendly Modak, This Ganesh Chaturthi?

Here is a quick and easy way to prepare diabetes-friendly Modak. It is made of diabetes-friendly ingredients and methods, but make sure that you do not overindulge.


  • Ragi Flour 120 gm
  • Dates 25 gm
  • Poppy seeds 10 gm
  • Almonds 10 gm
  • Cardamom 4 units
  • Raisins 10 gm
  • Sweetener 5 tsp
  • Coconut (dry) 40 gm
  • Ghee 2 tsp
  • Water 120 ml
ganesh chaturthi


  1. Dry roast the ragi flour on medium heat for 5 minutes with half teaspoon ghee and keep aside. In a separate pan, dry toast the nuts and poppy seeds along with the dried coconut.
  2. Heat water in a pan and add the deseeded dates along with pureed raisins. Cook until this mixture gets thickened.
  3. Heat 100 ml water in another pan and add the crushed cardamom pods and the raisin date mixture. Bring this mixture to a boil and add the toasted ragi flour.
  4. Grind the almond and poppy seeds in a coarse powder. Add this to a pan and cook for 3-4 minutes. Add Stevia Sweetener and mix well. Top it up with 1.5 tsp of ghee.
  5. Grease a steel plate with the remaining ghee and add the ragi mixture. Let it cool. Knead the dough till all the ingredients bind together.
  6. Make roundels of the dough and shape it with a modak mould. Shape all the modaks and steam on medium-high heat for 10-12 minutes
  7. The cooked modaks ( Laddo) will be shiny and stiff. Enjoy!

If food is prepared thoughtfully to suit your nutrition and calorie intake you will be satisfied and not fall into the trap of overeating or binge eating. If you keep the portion size under control, you will be able to manage your diabetic condition in a more effective manner.

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If you want to know more about what you can or cannot include in your diabetes diet, you should always talk to your doctor or health coach. They will give you the right guidance and help you make the right changes.

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