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How Can You Take Care Of Your Diabetic Parents?

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Global Parents Day is a reminder to give your parents the love, affection, and care that they require. While taking care of all your needs, they might forget to take care of themselves. Hence, you should step in and take charge of their health, especially if you have diabetic parents.

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If your parents are diabetic, they will require extra care and attention. Make sure that you spend ample time with them and educate them on the importance of managing their diabetic condition. You should also inform them about the repercussions and the long-term complications.

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Diabetes Care – How To Help Your Parents Manage Diabetes?

Along with getting them informed about their condition, you should also make them follow all the healthy practices to keep their sugar levels within the controlled range. Here are some ways in which you can care for your diabetic parents-

Regular Monitoring Reminder

Regular Monitoring Reminder

Monitoring your sugar levels on a regular basis is the key to managing your diabetic condition. You can even set a reminder on their phones to check their sugar level. The BeatO App offers this feature set of monitoring reminders. You should also ask them on a regular basis if they have monitored their sugar level.

Diabetes-Friendly Products

Diabetes-Friendly Products

Being a diabetic, they should only make use of diabetes-friendly products while making their food. Also, they should substitute sugar with Stevia. This way, they won’t have to curb their sugar cravings. They should find a substitute for products that contain sugar or carbs, keeping the glycemic index in mind.

Monitoring Devices

What could be a better gift for your parents than a smartphone-enabled glucometer which can help them check their sugar levels on the go? Owing to its compact size, they won’t have trouble carrying it wherever they go. They can carry it while traveling or even while they are at work.

Care Programs

Certaindiabetes programsfocus both on your diet and lifestyle and suggest corrective measures that can help you in reversing your diabetic condition. These programs are led by certified health coaches and doctors. You should recommend such programs to your parents so they can get the continuous and effective care that they need.

Enroll Them In A Yoga Course

Yoga is the easiest form of physical exercise and is also effective in controlling diabetes. You can get your parents enrolled in a yoga course. It will help them in keeping their health in check and also provide them with a nice sociable environment.

Diet Plans

If your parents have diabetes, you should make sure that they consume a diet that is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. They can consult a certified nutritionist or a diabetes health coach. They will suggest the right dietary changes based on your parent’s sugar level.

Once in a while, you can even treat them to their favorite dishes, using diabetes-friendly products. If you feel confused about how it affects their sugar levels, you can ask them to do a quick sugar check after having it.

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Follow all the recommendations given by your health coach or doctor if you want your diabetic parents to stay fit and active. Make sure that they monitor their sugar levels on a regular basis and accordingly optimize their diet and lifestyle. Diabetes is a chronic condition that requires continuous effort and you should make sure that they do it in the right manner.

Above all, give them the required care and affection to take care of them in the best way possible.

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