How Diabetes Diet and Exercise Can Help You This Diwali

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diwali for diabetics

Indian festivals have an inseparable bond with a variety of sweets and delicacies without which the celebrations never really seem complete. Garnered with delicious flavors and tempting aromas, the festive treats have the potential to tempt even those who claim to be strict diet or weight watchers. Such times especially become times of serious dilemma for diabetics – to indulge or not to indulge. Following a diabetes diet and exercise routine and then having to incorporate festive delights and delicacies can easily throw your diabetes management off track.

We bring tips and tricks for managing your diabetes regime during Diwali – the biggest festival of India.

Diabetes Diet and Exercise – Tips and Tricks for Diwali Season

Diabetes Diet and exercise

1. Diabetes and Diet

While there is always an option of managing the fluctuations in blood glucose levels, later on, it makes more sense to prevent them from getting affected. And this can only be achieved when you watch what you eat and how much you eat. Start preparing for the festivity by eating light a week in advance. This will allow your body to digest the extra sugar and oil burden waiting during the Diwali days.

2. Check Your Readings

An easier way to keep track and know about your blood sugar deviations is to regularly monitor sugar levels before, during, and after Diwali. Once you are aware of your readings, your self-monitoring and self-control mechanism will not let you consume beyond limits.

3. Count the Calories

Remember to observe moderation even if you are consuming sugar-free sweets. Once you observe carefully the calories you consume, your body will respond positively to a well-planned diet. Exercising is undoubtedly the best way to burn it out but limiting consumption is obviously the first step.

4. Switch to Diabetic Alternatives

Substitute Diwali sweets with healthier and sugar-free alternatives like dates, anjeer and sugar-free sweeteners. Not only are they full of energy but also take care of your sweet tooth without affecting your blood sugar levels.

5. Exercise for Diabetes

Exercising doesn’t have to be stressful and boring, especially diabetes exercise. We understand finding time to exercise can be really challenging during Diwali which is why you need to incorporate physical exercise in between the Diwali celebrations. Get up and get moving, dance to the tunes and music or stay fit by walking an extra mile or two when you go shopping. This will also make you happy and joyful.

Follow all the recommendations given by your health coach to enjoy the Diwali season in the best possible manner, being a diabetic. Consume a healthy diet, have a regular workout regime and do not forget to monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis.

Stay happy and healthy with BeatO.

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