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The 5 Best Diabetic Dessert Recipes For This Summer!

5 Best Diabetic Desserts To Manage Your Diabetes in Summer Heat

One of the most common myths surrounding diabetes is that a diabetic should stay away from desserts. However, it is not really essential to set off-limits but enjoying any dessert in moderation. Check out the 5 best diabetic desserts that will manage your diabetes in the summer heat. Are Desserts Part of Diabetes Food? Since diabetes is a condition that …

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Decoding Amla Benefits for Diabetes

Did you know Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is the only fruit that is mentioned in all of Ayurveda? This is because of the immense benefits that small fruit contains. Although Amla benefits are popular for treating hair damage, skin, respiratory problems, and others, recent studies have shown its benefits in diabetes management. In this article, learn everything about …

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How to use Turmeric (Haldi) to manage your Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar can be a hindrance to living a normal routine when you let it go unchecked. Especially if someone in your family has had a diabetic condition in the past. It is easier if you have regular check-ups and stay informed of your blood sugar levels to prevent developing a chronic condition. You can always buy a glucometer to …

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Top 4 Reasons to Munch on Almonds for Diabetes

Almonds are the storehouses of energy. Having just a few of them a day can be enough to supplement you with protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamin E, riboflavin, calcium, manganese, and copper. Let us talk about a few reasons to include almonds in your diabetic diet: It can be an excellent addition to your breakfast routine. It is …

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The Ultimate Diet Plan for 2019

Living well with diabetes means taking your medication regularly, reducing stress, exercising regularly and knowing what foods are good and bad for keeping your blood sugar levels in a healthy range. A smart diabetes diet looks a lot like the healthy eating plan doctors recommend for everyone which includes eating lots of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, enjoying whole-grain carbohydrates in …

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डायबिटीज़ और शराबः शरीर को किस तरह करता है प्रभावित?

आजकल घर पर ही एक दो-पैग ले लेना आम बात है, लेकिन अगर कोई डायबिटीज़ से जूझ रहा है तो उसके लिए यह चिंता की बात हो सकती है। क्योंकि शराब का शरीर पर बहुत बूरा प्रभाव पड़ता है। हालांकि टाइप 2 डायबिटीज़ का सटीक कारण अभी तक स्पष्ट नहीं हो पाया है क्योंकि इसके लिए पारिवारिक इतिहास, आयु और …

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