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How to Cook Starch-Free Rice if you have Diabetes?

Diabetes is without any question one of the most prevalent health conditions in India. It is a state of health in which a person is not able to produce sufficient insulin or fails to make use of the insulin already present in the body. Diabetes earlier was thought to be a genetic tendency, but today it is due to the lifestyles we are adapting to. It causes increased levels of blood sugar, which can further lead to heart-related diseases. Diabetes cannot be completely cured but it can be dealt with and well-managed by bringing a few changes in our lifestyle and diet. There are people who advise eliminating rice from a diabetic’s diet, but it forms a significant part of an Indian’s diet. The reasons for cutting out the rice from a diabetes diet are:

  • Rice carries a good amount of starch, which raises the blood sugar levels in our body.
  • Rice is not at all fibrous, and thus doesn’t help in the regulation of blood sugar levels.
  • Rice has a high GI which is not good for diabetes.
  • Rice contains carbohydrates which are broken down or gets converted into sugar glucose. It becomes difficult for the diabetics to utilize the insulin, which further elevates the blood sugar levels.

But does this mean that you, being a diabetic just cannot eat rice! No, you certainly can eat rice. You need to make sure that you eat these with dal and ghee to trim down the speedy rise in blood sugar levels. The people with diabetes can eat white as well as brown rice though brown rice is usually advised due to the fiber present in them.

Method to Cook Rice:

It is advisable to eliminate the starch from the rice and then have it with protein-rich foods. Let us know how to cook rice that is free from starch:

  1. Take a big bowl and add rice to it. Wash the rice properly.
  2. Fetch a pan and boil some water in it. The water you take must be three times the quantity of rice you are looking forward to cooking.
  3. Now add the thoroughly washed rice to the boiling water. Now go on cooking on a medium flame for around 5-6 minutes.
  4. When the rice begins to boil, you will find a lathered and thick creamy matter starting to float the surface of the water. The mater we are talking about is starch.
  5. Let the rice cook till you get a reduced quantity of water in the pan. You will find the grains of rice floating on the water surface.
  6. Confirm whether the rice is cooked. If you find them soft and tender, it means these are cooked.
  7. Now put the flame off and remove the pan from the gas. Now draw off the excess water (starchy water) from the pan.
  8. The starch free rice is ready to be eaten. Relish them accompanied with vegetables, dal or curries.

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Enjoy eating rice, both white rice, and brown rice, but make you are having it in moderation.

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