Diabetes Diet To Eat Healthy This Wedding Season
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Diabetes Diet To Eat Healthy This Wedding Season

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With an estimated 25 lakh weddings in just one month between 14th November to 13th December, it’s surely a wedding season in India. Indian weddings are famous for their month-long preparations and almost week-long celebrations. For people with diabetes, this means balancing healthy eating habits for as long as the wedding celebrations last. Indeed, selecting an appropriate diabetes diet can be the most difficult task during this time, as many traditional dishes are highly rich in carbohydrates and not ideal for diabetics.

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Does that mean you have to starve yourself and see others indulging in delicious buffets? We guess, with some planning and a lot of self-control, you can enjoy the feast and still manage to not ruin your perfect diabetic routine.

5 Tips To Follow This Wedding Season: Diabetes Diet

Wedding buffets get as much attention as the bride and groom. Sometimes more than them! Buffets can be tempting and you might want to try everything. But a balance is essential if you are suffering from diabetes because a minute change in your food intake can spike up your blood glucose levels. Be it hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia, monitoring diabetes is crucial, even during cheat days!

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Keep Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Levels

Try to make this a habit. Before getting ready for your friend’s or relative’s Haldi or Mehendi ceremony or sangeet, check your blood glucose levels. Ensure it’s in control or at your desired range. Keep a glucometer handy and test wherever and whenever you feel like checking the sugar levels. For instance, BeatO glucometer are not only affordable but also give you a real-time reading and allow you to track your readings on the BeatO App. This App not only provides you with an accurate glucose reading but enables you to record other health data as well, such as blood pressure.

By continuously checking your blood sugar levels, you can know if you are on the safer side or not. If your readings are under your desired range, you can surely relish the feast; otherwise, you know when to back off and go for healthier food options.


Do Not Skip Exercise/Yoga/Walks

Exercise improves your insulin sensitivity, thereby allowing your muscle cells to use any available insulin to take up glucose efficiently. Exercise can help to reduce blood sugar in the short term in this way. It can also help to lower your A1C if you are physically active on a daily basis. Try not to skimp on your daily routine because of the busy wedding schedule. You can do yoga or exercise daily after waking up in the morning to keep yourself motivated and active throughout the day.

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Eat Low Carbohydrate

Go for nuts, veggies, cheese and meat. Carbohydrates can directly affect your blood glucose levels. By eating fewer carbohydrates, you’ll keep yourself in the safe zone. Carry some guilt-free snacks to avoid extra oily and processed snacks for emergencies. This way you’ll save yourself from those unexpected cravings.

Weddings are meant to be enjoyed. If you want to eat that cake, do not hesitate. Check your glucose levels. If you feel you are in a safer zone, take a small piece of that delicious cake and DEFINITELY EAT IT!

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Selective Eating

Buffets have their pros and cons. For instance, with those delicious and tempting foods, it gives you healthy options like salads as well. Follow the plate method and fill half of your plate with salads and the rest half with other food items. This would make you feel full! Opt for baked, roasted, or stir-fried dishes, and avoid anything sweetened with added sugar.


Carry Your Medicines

No matter what, always carry your sugar medicines. If you’re going to another city for the wedding, consult your doctor before you go. They may provide you with particular guidance and recommendations on how to change your medication or insulin dose, as well as how to manage your diabetes care and diet throughout your trip.

The BeatO App will take care of most of your diabetes-related concerns.

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Above all, remember to have a good time! You can go to any event if you monitor your diabetes properly. So, rejoice!

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