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Is Ghee Good For People With Diabetes?

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You try all the possible tricks just to keep diabetes under control and every time you tell someone about the condition, they will certainly have some home remedies to battle it. From turmeric to neem and various other medicines, you have tried them all at various points of time in your life. One such remedy is ghee. But does it really help you bring down your sugar levels? Or is it just another instigator of high blood sugar? Let’s find out.

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Is Ghee Advisable for Diabetic People?

You are always advised to eat healthy foods alone when you have a diabetic condition. You monitor your sugar levels at home with aglucometer, exercise regularly and take the prescribed medication. However, diet is without any question the most important of all.

Certain foods, oils, and fats are to be avoided under high blood sugar conditions. Ghee, although a fat-containing food, has been widely used, especially throughout India. It is considered to be an essential ingredient in regular foods in homes and it is no doubt that we eat plenty of it.

The major content in ghee is fats. But they are actually harmless and they can help in improving your body’s metabolism. Pure butter, extracted from cow milk, is what the nutritionists’ advice as a remedy for diabetes. In the Southern part of India, there is the tradition of feeding babies rice and ghee. Latest studies have proved that rice, when mixed with ghee, is easily digested inside the body. The healthy fatty acids present in ghee work their magic for quick metabolism and breakdown of sugars into useful components.

Benefits of Ghee for a Diabetic Person

One of the major benefits is that the linoleic acids in ghee are good for your heart and digestive system. They further the rates and efficiency of digestion, thereby enabling you to eat even heavy foods.

A daily dose of ghee in your diet can actually help diabetic patients in lowering the blood sugar levels for longer periods of time. They can also help in secretion of various hormones inside your gut which will improve digestion. The best of these hormones, which ghee assists to produce, is insulin – the one most needed to reduce blood sugar levels in the body. Thus, it is quite certain that ghee goes a long way in bringing down blood sugar for diabetic patients.

So, when you have some ghee in your kitchen cupboard, feel free to indulge in some whole grains even. Not only does it make them taste better, these high glycemic foods are also easily broken down inside your system with zero risk factors. With ghee, your favourite bread toast can now be enjoyed at home without worrying about your sugar levels!

So, being a diabetic, you do not need to shun away from consuming ghee. Rather, you can prepare your diabetic friendly recipes using ghee and relish them.

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Along with consuming the right diet, do not forget to monitor your sugar levels on a regular basis. It is the key to managing diabetes. Whenever you see a change in your sugar levels, you can access the reason behind it by a habit you recently started following.

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