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Misconceptions About Diabetes

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Diabetes is a chronic condition and a major contributor to cases of heart disease, stroke, adult blindness, and limb amputations not caused by injury.But there are misconceptions about diabetes that also have been circulating in the human sphere for a very long time.

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Here we debunk some of these common misconceptions about diabetes:

Diabetes is not serious: While, yes, diabetes is not the end of the world. But this in no way means you take the condition lightly. Diabetes is serious and prolonged ignorance of this condition can have serious health repercussions. So, if you do see yourself making regular trips to the bathroom, feel extremely thirsty than normal, feel excessively tired without doing any major tasks, or suddenly find it difficult to read then go for a diabetes test immediately.

You ate too much sugar: A lot of people commonly say “don’t eat all that sugar, you’ll become a diabetic”. Do you actually become diabetic because of it? No, not directly. But yes, having too much of it can actually cause rapid increases in weight, which then can contribute to the chances of developing diabetes.

You’ll have to eat differently: While you will have to monitor and manage what you eat and practice moderation. Your diet will not completely change to alien food. You can very well eat foods common to all. Just make sure to avoid heavily fried and sugary packed items. Eating healthy is a practice that needs to be followed not just by diabetics, but by all individuals aiming for a healthy and prosperous life.

Only old people get diabetes: The cases of diabetes in adults were higher in the past. But with recent changes in the health and fitness levels of youngsters and the rising obesity epidemic, diabetes is a condition that has become equally prevalent among youngsters as well. So no matter your age, diabetes is a condition that can affect you at any point, not suddenly but gradually.

Your life will no longer be the same: This is the most absurd misconception about diabetes. With this condition , you can happily have a normal life just like others and very much do all activities like everyone else. Diabetes does not handicap you in any way. All you need to do is keep your blood sugar levels in check and constantly monitored. Take the help of a glucometer for that!Also,make sure you practice healthy living.

Compared to cancer cases ( which also is now something you can bounce back from), diabetes is not always claiming people’s lives. Having said that, as soon as diabetes is left uncontrolled and not properly attended to, a person can actually have lethal results and major complications to deal with.

Give yourself special care and attention once diagnosed with the condition and try to have a healthy lifestyle to try and prevent it altogether.

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