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Did You Know |Stress Can Cause Diabetes

Whether it is physical or emotional, getting trapped in needless stress not only leads to a headache or severe neck pain, it is also expected to raise the levels of your blood sugar. This further raises the risk of falling prey to the Type 2 diabetes. The health experts are of the view that it is our altering lifestyle and inactive routine, along with the work burden that is accountable for the rise in the prevalence of diabetes in India.

Stress leads to the release of more than a few hormones like cortisol and adrenaline that are associated with causing a rise in the blood sugar levels. These also amplify the blood pressure and pulse rate. If you stay stressed continuously, then the former temporary sugar elevation becomes certainly high, leading to diabetes. Stress is also known to bring about changes in your eating plan, bringing about binge eating and you just start gaining weight. Overeating and weight gain are further connected with diabetes.

Stress greatly influences diabetes control, directly as well as indirectly. It is extensively known that the diabetics are often stressed and are likely to have unfortunate blood sugar control. Physical and emotional stress, both can lead to a rapid boost in these hormones that are responsible for high levels of blood sugar.

If we talk about the shared stress, it can cause a similar dysregulation of hormones in kids. If children encounter a traumatic environment, they might become victims of this dysmetabolic state. It has been researched that stress hormones are known to bring about an epigenetic change in the sperm. So, when it is a stressed father, his hormones are likely to impact his offspring’s blood sugar levels. And, high levels of blood sugar points to diabetes risk, particularly Type 2 diabetes.

The prime purpose of these hormones is to amplify your blood sugar levels to increase your energy levels when required. You can consider the fight or flight response. You just cannot think of fighting with low levels of sugar in your body, so you certainly require a boost to meet the challenge. Therefore, physical and emotional stress both are known for a quick increase in these hormones, which leads to higher blood sugar levels.

So, it is imperative that you bring the required changes to your lifestyle to battle and deal with stress to help you diminish the possibility of developing diabetes or manage it if you already are diabetic. Engage yourself in any kind of physical activity like exercise, walk, yoga, etc. You can also opt for Aerobics and Pilates,as these are considered to be amazing stress busters. Include more fiber to your diet by preferring whole grains and keep yourself hydrated. It is essential to keep a close eye on your sugar levels using a glucometer and carrying out the blood tests at regular intervals.

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