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On-Road with Diabetes: Traveling Tips

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There’s nothing like packing your bags, piling everybody into the car, and heading out for a vacation. However, long trips can also pose challenges to your health, especially if you have diabetes.

Some planning can help make sure that you’re prepared to take care of yourself while you’re on the go. This way, you’ll spend less time worrying about your blood glucose levels—and more time watching the scenery as you drive by.

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Follow these tips for managing your diabetes before and during your next trip.

Double Up Your Diabetes Supplies

Even if you only plan to be away from home for a couple of days, it’s best to stock up on more supplies to manage your diabetes than you anticipate needing.

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Unforeseen circumstances can extend your trip, and it is better to have too much insulin, medications, and healthy snacks than too little.

Keep Your Insulin Cool

When exposed to extreme temperatures, insulin effectiveness gets reduced. To avoid this, store insulin in an insulated pack or cooler.

Remember to never leave your insulin in parts of the car that can become extremely hot in the sun

Make Use of Rest Stops

If hitting the road then rest stops should not just be bathroom breaks, but to get up and walk around after being stuck in the car for hours. Sitting still for too long during your trip can lead to blood clots. Try to move around every few hours, and take advantage of stops whenever possible.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

Even if it is a serene getaway, traveling of any sort can throw off your body’s clock. Because you’re enjoying yourself, you may not realize the toll your trip is taking on your health and your sleep cycle. Make sure that you push in plenty of time to rest during your trip.

If you have type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes, a little planning can help you make sure that you enjoy a safe getaway that leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Also, one thing to pack as an essential no matter where you go is a compact glucometer. This device will help you keep a check on your sugar levels even on the go.

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