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Pooja M.- “My HBA1c dropped to 5.8% with BeatO.”

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Pooja M. - BeatO unbeatables

46 years old, New Delhi
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Pooja Mehrotra, a resident of New Delhi, is 46 years old and resides with her family. In 2019, she received the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes. This news wasn’t entirely unexpected for Pooja, as diabetes is a prevailing health concern within her family. Therefore, while the diagnosis wasn’t a shock, it undoubtedly marked a significant turning point in her health journey.

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

In her role as a homemaker, Pooja’s days were consistently filled with attending to the needs of her family, leaving her with no time to focus on her own well-being. Despite experiencing urinary issues, she busied herself in her home duties until it became absolutely unavoidable to get herself tested.

Recognizing the importance of controlling her sugar levels, she started seeking medical advice from her local doctor. After consulting with her doctor, Pooja was prescribed a strict medication routine to control her diabetes. She shares, “Doctor ne mujhe kafi heavy dose precribe kara tha. Iss wajah se mere stomach me kafi issues hone lag gaye the. Mujhe tab yeh realise hua ki mujhe doosra treatment dhoondne ki zaroorat hai.”

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My Journey With BeatO Diabetes Care Program

Her journey with the Care Program began in April 2024. Recalling her initial experience with the program she says, “Pehle yeh changes mujhe routine me lana kafi mushkil laga. Mujhe mere apne routine ki aadat thi. Dheere dheere changes laane se mere sugar levels me bhi farak aane lag gaya. Yeh sab meri health coach ke regular follow up ki wajah se hi possible ho paya hai.”

Her health coach, Karishma Chauhan, played a pivotal role in guiding her through her diabetes control journey. Under Karishma’s guidance, she was advised to replace her usual wheat flour with millet flour and to incorporate a daily 30-40 minute walk into her routine. These seemingly minor adjustments were aimed at not only regulating her blood sugar levels but also addressing her weight concerns.

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Reflecting on her journey, she shared, “Now I have a much better understanding of my condition. Through my doctor consultations, I’ve learned to recognize the signs and signals that show a potential spike in my sugar levels.” This heightened awareness allows her to assess the impact of various lifestyle changes, dietary choices, and stressors on her blood sugar levels.

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

She has been able to reduce her initial diabetes symptoms and she has also been able to reduce her sugar levels.

Fasting Reading140 mg/dL120 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading170 mg/dL140 mg/dL

Why BeatO

“BeatO ne meri diabetes journey ko kafi asaan kar diya hai. Ab main pre-diabetic range me aa chuki hu aur mera confidence bhi kafi badh gaya hai. Main BeatO App ki aur bhi services use karti hu. I get my diabetes supplies from the BeatO App and I also get my test strips at a discounted price.”

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By making mindful choices in your diet and lifestyle, you have the power to transform your health and reclaim your vitality. Let the inspiring stories of Pooja Mehrotra serve as a beacon of hope and motivation on your journey towards a happier, healthier you. Together, let’s embrace change, empower ourselves, and unlock the extraordinary potential that lies within each of us.

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