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Ramesh S.- “My fasting reading dropped from 550 mg/dL to 85 mg/dL with BeatO.”

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BeatO Unbeatables - Ramesh Singhvi

56 years old, Mumbai
Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

Ramesh Singhvi, a 56-year-old entrepreneur, owns a flourishing jewellery business in Mumbai. In 1992, he received a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, a chronic condition he had previously known little about. This unexpected news brought a significant amount of apprehension and stress, not only for Ramesh but also for his family members.

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The initial lack of understanding about the disease and its treatment heightened their anxiety, making the early days of living with diabetes particularly challenging for the entire family.

Early Diagnosis And Treatment

Mr. Singhvi had a scary encounter with this chronic condition. He recalled his diagnosis and shared, “1992 me mujhe skin problems hone lagi aur meri skin bhi peel off hone lagi. Tab mujhe doctor ne meri sugar check karne ko kaha. My fasting reading came out to be 550 mg/dL. Main aur meri family kafi darr gaye aur ussi waqt maine treatment shuru kar diya.”

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“Doctor ko consult karne aur dawai khane ke baad bhi mera sugar level 350 mg/dL rehta tha. Isse mujhe laga ki mujhe apna treatment badalne ki zaroorat hai.”

Introduction To The BeatO Diabetes Care Program

Initially, Mr. Singhvi was only using the BeatO Curv Glucometer and gradually he enrolled himself on the BeatO Diabetes Care Program.

“I was looking for a smartphone connected glucometer on the internet when I came across BeatO Curv Glucometer. I was extremely satisfied with the results and I had even recommended it to a lot of people. After a while, I got to know about their Care Program and how it made it possible to reverse diabetes. I was quite amazed by that fact and decided to give it a try. I finally joined their Care Program in April 2022.”

My Coach Says

His health coach Himanshi Saxena shared his treatment plan with us.

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“When Mr. Ramesh Singhvi joined our program, his blood sugar levels were extremely high. My primary goal was to bring them within the normal range. To achieve this, I recommended simple lifestyle changes tailored to his routine. I suggested starting his day with methi water and almonds. Additionally, I advised him to replace regular flour with multigrain flour in his diet. Previously, he consumed a lot of high-carb foods, so I encouraged him to opt for healthier alternatives like makhana or yoghurt for snacks.

Regular exercise was also a crucial part of the plan. He joined a gym and has become very consistent with his workouts, which has helped him build muscle and improve his energy levels.

These combined efforts have successfully brought his blood sugar levels within the normal range. Now, Mr. Singhvi leads a very active lifestyle, which is essential for his demanding work requirements. I am delighted with his progress and remain committed to further improving his blood sugar levels.”

My Doctor Says

Dr. Meenal Mohit shared his treatment plan with us. She says. Before joining the program, Mr. Ramesh Singhvi led a very sedentary lifestyle, which contributed to his uncontrolled blood sugar levels and persistent lethargy. These issues significantly impacted his overall well-being and quality of life.

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To address these concerns, I recommended that he begin taking medication specifically aimed at lowering his glucose levels. Within just a few months, Mr. Singhvi observed noticeable improvements in his health. His episodes of hypoglycemia are now well-managed, and he no longer experiences frequent discomfort. Additionally, his medication dosage has been reduced, and his HbA1c levels have stabilised within the controlled range.

Overall, these changes have led to a significant improvement in Mr. Singhvi’s health, allowing him to manage his diabetes more effectively and enhance his daily functioning.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

“Now I feel like I don’t have to put extra effort to control my diabetes. Everything is so easy with the BeatO App. My sugar levels are under control and I wake up with a renewed sense of energy everyday.”

Fasting Reading550 mg/dL80 mg/dL
Post-Meal Reading250 mg/dL140 mg/dL

Why BeatO?

Mr. Ramesh shared his feedback with us. He said, “Earlier I was spending 10 times the amount on my diabetes expenses. With BeatO, I feel like everything is taken care of at a very good price. I do not need to go anywhere to get my diabetes supplies. Ranging from my medicines, diabetes-friendly foods to sugar test strips, everything is available on their App itself.”

For an individual with diabetes, making changes to their routine can be challenging due to the need for constant monitoring of blood sugar levels, adherence to a specific diet, regular physical activity, and possibly managing medication or insulin administration. These changes require a significant shift in daily habits and can be overwhelming, particularly if the person is accustomed to a different lifestyle. Additionally, the emotional and psychological burden of managing a chronic illness can make it harder to stay motivated and consistent.

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However, the BeatO Diabetes Care Program can offer substantial support by providing personalised guidance, education on disease management, access to healthcare professionals, and tools for monitoring progress. Such programs can help individuals develop sustainable habits, improve their understanding of diabetes, and ultimately enhance their quality of life by reducing complications and maintaining better overall health.

Throw out your non-verified glucometer and try the BeatO clinically approved smartglucometerkit. Check your blood sugar level instantly. Try out the BeatO diabetes care programfor a more organized healthcare routine.

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