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Here’s Why You Should Include Okra in Your Diabetic Diet

Okra is fast emerging as a super food for a healthy diet for diabetes, especially for people with this lifestyle disease. Commonly known as ladyfinger, okra has been proven to have tremendous positive effect on blood sugar control. This tall growing vegetable as part of diet for diabetes traces back its origin from Ethiopia through to Eastern Mediterranean, India, the …

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Why is Vegetarian Diet Plan So Famous for Managing Gestational Diabetes?

What is gestational diabetes? Gestational diabetes is the glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition of pregnancy. This condition usually fades away after the delivery of the child. But, if uncared for can affect your pregnancy and the baby’s health. In some cases this can even lead to Type 2 Diabetes in future. Gestational Diabetes Symptoms: In most cases this …

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Diabetic Diet: All You Need To Know About Karela Juice

Indian diet contains a strongly flavored vegetable Bitter Gourd also known as Karela in Hindi. Although it is not appreciated for its taste by few, Karela juice has been known to have antidiabetic significance. Here are a few studies to reinforce this point: The effect of karela (Momordica charantia) was observed on glucose and insulin concentrations in nine non-insulin-dependent diabetes …

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