Benefits of Carrots for Diabetes Patients
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Benefits of Carrots for Diabetes Patients

carrots for diabetes

Sticking to a dietary plan can work wonders in warding off diabetes in the long run. Diabetic people should eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in small amounts. Vegetables are a significant branch of a healthy diet. They are usually low in calories and carbohydrates. Starchy vegetables raise blood sugar levels since they are high in carbs. Diabetic people are always advised to stick to non-starchy vegetables. Did you know about the benefits of carrots for diabetes? Let’s see how!

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Carrots for Diabetes Patients

Carrots are sweet-flavoured root vegetables. If you were one among the many who thought they were sugar-loaded and dangerous, read further. Carrots are non-starchy vegetables and have low saturated fat and cholesterol. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals and a very good source of dietary fibre. People with diabetes have earlier been warned to limit their use of carrots because of their naturally sweet flavour.

is carrot good for diabetes are carrots good for diabetes

How Does Carrot Help in Managing Blood Sugar Levels?

But carrots can help manage blood sugar levels despite their sweet flavour. Diabetics can include carrots in their daily diet. Even though carrot juice contains sugar and carbohydrates, it won’t raise blood sugar levels. This is because even though carrots have a high glycemic index, they have a low glycemic load. Anyway, a food is more than its impact on blood sugar levels. Carrots are also high in fibre and help in promoting healthy blood sugar levels. The amount of fibre they provide compensates for the tiny amount of carbs and calories.


Are Raw Carrots Better Than Cooked Ones?

Raw carrots are healthier than cooked ones and can be eaten regularly. Raw carrots impact blood sugar less because cooking makes carbohydrates easily available for the body to absorb. Carotenoids and vitamin A also protect your eyes from diabetes-related eye problems, like diabetic retinopathy and damage to blood vessels.

Also, carrots are cheap, are available around the year, and have low cooking time, and what is more, they are versatile and can be cooked in a lot of ways.

Carrots can be had with every meal without fearing a spike in blood glucose levels. So, get a stock of those orange roots and start eating away. Also, be active, stay hydrated and regularly check your blood sugar levels. You can check blood sugar levels from home using aglucometer.

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If you are facing any doubt regarding your diabetic diet, or lifestyle, you should always consult your health coach. Take all the necessary precautions to keep your sugar levels within the controlled range. Optimise your diet and lifestyle according to your sugar level to ensure the right diabetes management.

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