Benefits of Karela Juice for Diabetes Management
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Benefits of Karela Juice for Diabetes Management

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Karela juice

Indian diet contains a strongly flavored vegetable, Bitter Gourd, also known as Karela in Hindi. Although it is not appreciated for its taste by a few people, karela juice has been known to have anti-diabetic properties. Read on to learn the numerous benefits of karela juice for diabetes management.

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Did you know that diabetes is fast emerging to be one of the most rampant conditions across the globe? We all know it is not at all easy to manage diabetes. A diabetes-friendly diet comes with many restrictions. Even the most ‘healthy’ food could set your blood glucose levels racing.

But, karela juice is a boon for people with diabetes because a high dose of insulin and other anti-diabetic substances in the karela plant help manage blood glucose levels.

Benefits of Karela Juice

Benefits of karela

The effect of karela (Momordica charantia) was observed on glucose and insulin concentrations in nine non-insulin-dependent diabetes patients and six non-diabetic laboratory rats. Results indicated that karela juice significantly reduced blood glucose concentrations during a 50g oral glucose tolerance test in the patients with diabetes and the rats that were fed the same.

It was also noted that the common delicacy of the fried karela preparation eaten daily also showed a small but significant improvement in glucose tolerance. The researchers claimed that this improvement in glucose tolerance was not associated with an increase in insulin responses. The study clearly indicated that karela juice is an excellent supplemental antidote as it improves glucose tolerance in diabetes.

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It is also very essential to understand that karela juice can also cause hypoglycemic effects. Therefore, it is best to had immediately before breakfast. The dosage can be decided by your diabetes educator.

BeatO is a diabetes care and management service provider. Along with counseling and diagnostic tests, the team has also reinvented the way we treat diabetes diet. karela juice is offered at cost-effective prices and incredible taste as one of the product ranges by BeatO.

Karela juice is a processed extract from a natural raw bitter gourd that is fermented with Arjuna wood. The 50ml bottle containing karela juice fermented to 5% acidity. It has no preservatives, sugar, or additives. Diabetes educators at BeatO advise you to take about a tablespoon along with a glass of water. It should be consumed on an empty stomach every morning before breakfast. It can be stored in a refrigerator for 45 days without spoilage.

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