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Unbeatables | Chandra Garg – “My HbA1c came down from 8.9% to 6.5% with BeatO Diabetes Care Program.”

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Chandra Garg - BeatO Unbeatables

Chandra Garg is 43-years-old and resides in Ghaziabad with her husband and two children. Beyond her domestic duties, she embraces the role of a radio jockey, where she captivates audiences with her engaging broadcasts. Her journey with Type 2 diabetes began in 2010, revealing itself during the sixth month of her pregnancy, with her second child.

Recalling her diagnosis, she says, “Main kafi surprised thi jab mujhe apni diabetes ka pata chala kyunki main kabhi meetha khati hi nai thi. Main bahar ka khana bhi nai khati thi. At that time, it was very difficult to make myself understand whether or not I would be able to manage my diabetes.”

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Early Diagnosis And Treatment

She previously grappled with chronic lethargy and frequent joint pains, hampering her ability to effectively take care of her daily responsibilities. She says, “Maine homoeopathic medicine lena start kar diya lekin usse mujhe koi fayda nai hua. Meri diabetes bigadti chali gayi.”

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As a result of her condition, she started looking for alternate treatments to bring her sugar levels under control.

Introduction To BeatO Diabetes Care Program

She elaborates on how she started on her journey towards better health, she says, “In March 2022, I got a call from one of the BeatO representatives who informed me about their newly launched Diabetes Care Program. Initially I was a little apprehensive but I finally decided to go ahead with it and I joined the program in April 2022.”

“It took me approximately a month to integrate all the recommended changes into my lifestyle. My health coach, in particular, has been incredibly supportive, incorporating yoga and brisk walking into my daily routine. She goes above and beyond to help me out, keeping me motivated and aiding me in managing my sugar levels during fluctuations.”

Impact On My Diabetes Markers

In merely six months, she experienced remarkable progress. She feels more energetic now and her joint pains have also become less frequent. Her journey serves as a testament that with dedication and the right support, significant improvements are achievable.

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Fasting Reading350 mg/dL96 mg/dL

She also says that she became aware of what all can be included as a part of her diabetes diet and she has made all her family members follow it. She regularly talks to her health coach and Dr. Navneet Aggarwal to keep herself informed.

My Journey With BeatO

She concludes by saying that BeatO has significantly enhanced her ability to monitor her sugar levels efficiently. Gone are the days of manually jotting down sugar readings; with BeatO, she can effortlessly track trends and adjust her lifestyle habits and diet as needed.

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She says that she is leading a healthier life after improving her diabetic condition.

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