Watch Pammi Aunty Busting Diabetes Myths With Humour and Fun
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Watch Pammi Aunty Busting Diabetes Myths With Humour and Fun

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Pammi Aunty

Diabetes myths have become a serious barrier to its effective treatment and control in our society. With the well-researched insights from our certified Diabetes Care Coaches on Diabetes Myths in India, we are bringing back Pammi Aunty (aka Ssumier Pasricha) to address the myths that are actually making it difficult for people to control their diabetes effectively. Since there is a buzz around what Pammi Aunty and BeatO are cooking for their users, we have decided to spill the tea for you!

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Famous actor, singer and businessman, Ssumier S Pasricha is widely known for his role of “Pammi Aunty”. BeatO’s Diabetes Care Coaches, who have given over 100,000 consultations to people with diabetes on the BeatO App welcome Pammi Aunty (aka Ssumier Pasricha) as their spokesperson to shatter some myths and give some solid advice in a fun way.

What’s BeatO and Pammi Aunty Bringing for You?

The highlight of this tie-up is how people rely on Desi Totkas to control chronic conditions like diabetes. Pammi Aunty will explain the advantages of the BeatO Curv Glucometer to monitor and keep your blood sugars in check with the guidance of BeatO’s coaches and doctors.

Common Myths Around Diabetes

Diabetes is commonly known as “Sugar” in many parts of India. As the name suggests, people connect blood glucose (sugar) with the practice of having sugar/sweets. However, limiting your sugar intake isn’t enough to control your diabetes. Similarly, Gharelu Nuskhe (Home remedies) for diabetes are common in our country.

Some of the myths that caught our attention are:

  • Only elderly people get diabetes.
  • Soaking feet in water can help control blood sugar.
  • Diabetes is a result of past sins.
  • Diabetes can be cured by herbal treatment.
  • Diet and lifestyle changes play little influence in diabetes treatment.
  • Normal blood sugar level
  • Diabetes can be cured spiritually.

Being India’s leading Diabetes Care Ecosystem, BeatO has taken this responsibility to educate people about effective treatment. With Pummi Aunty, we are trying to add laughter to your life while addressing the issues that are crucial to us.

Stay tuned and keep checking BeatO’s social media handles to stay updated with the Home Remedies that are a big NO for you!

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