Shafi S.- “My HbA1C levels reduced from 8.3 to 7.8 with BeatO.”
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Shafi S.- “My HbA1C levels reduced from 8.3 to 7.8 with BeatO.”

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Unbeatable Mr. Shafi Shaikh
38 y.o.
Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2015

Has reduced his HbA1C levels from 8.3% to 7.8% in the last 3 months with BeatO

“I was working in the Gulf in 2015 when I had my first pancreatitis attack. At that time, I had no idea what was going on. I felt weak and tired, and my weight dropped from 75kgs to 48kgs. The Doctors told me that my pancreas had gone for a toss; their functioning was almost zero. He also mentions that it was due to my work-related stress and improper diet.”

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Mr. Shaikh’s diabetes began as type 2, but after a pancreatitis flare, it became type 1. He started getting treatment in the Gulf but soon moved back to India for better treatment. His pancreatitis is fine now, but he is still under treatment.

“At first, I was upset because of the new lifestyle constraints. I was following doctors blindly and did everything they said. But then I became interested in learning more about diabetes and how it can be managed. I didn’t know it could be reversed as well. Now that I’ve adjusted to my limitations, I’m focusing on maintaining my blood sugar and HbA1C levels. I used to eat rice all the time, but now I don’t eat it at all.”

Mr. Shaikh is now working as an engineer for a manufacturing company in Mumbai. He claims that working from home allows him to devote adequate time to himself. However, he began to use BeatO during the lockdown.

“I discovered BeatO through a YouTube video. Diabetes educators, nutritionists, reading logs, etc., all these services provided by the BeatO team seemed appealing to me. So I went to their website, got on a call with me, and downloaded their app. I wasn’t a BeatO member at first, and I simply used the app to manually enter my readings and keep track of them. Even then, if something went wrong with my sugar readings, BeatO would contact me immediately. They would also teach me how to maintain without charging anything.”

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“Once, I had very low sugar readings. It was around 60mg/dL, and I felt dizzy and weak. Ruksar, a BeatO instructor, called me and advised me to take two spoonfuls of sugar syrup. It brought me instant relief.”

Now it’s been 5 months since Mr. Shaikh has joined BeatO. He is on a monthly subscription plan with BeatO and has reduced his HbA1C levels from 8.3 to 7.8 in the last 3 months.

“BeatO has been very helpful for me. I am using the diet plan provided to me by the BeatO nutritionists. I like the reading section since it is really beneficial and provide me with insights and tips. Recently, doctor Natesh Prabhu from BeatO taught me some stress-busting breathing exercises as well. Moreover, the best advice he gave me was to keep my blood sugar under control with exercise and diet rather than relying on medications.”

Mr. Shaikh’s hypoglycemia episodes have been reduced significantly. He is indulging himself in yoga and exercise daily. He also goes for a walk every day. And he uses the BeatO glucometer to check his blood sugar levels 3 to 4 times a day, every day.

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