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BeatO Unbeatables: Nishant Joshi : In just one month, my readings went from red to yellow to green!

Unbeatables #12: Mr. Nishant Joshi, 31 y.o, Type 1 diabetic
Ph.D. student studying biotechnology
Reduced his Postprandial from 200mg/dL to 120mg/dL
Joshi did not know he was diabetic until 2016 when he started experiencing increased thirst and frequent urination. The doctors diagnosed him with Type1 diabetes and told him that things were serious and needed immediate attention – this got Mr. Joshi to look for ways to keep his BG levels in control.
“I found BeatO on Amazon, while looking for a glucometer which can store my readings.”
Mr. Joshi used to check his sugar once or twice a week but with BeatO’s unlimited strips he now checks 2-3 times a day! Another thing he really likes about BeatO is the dedicated dietician’s help – Miss Ruksar has been helping him get his sugar levels in control.
“I am single & I live in a hostel, so I eat anything. But when someone is watching it’s easier to follow a diet. “
Miss Ruksar, one of the BeatO educators, introduced Mr. Joshi to “The plate method” where one divides the food on their plate to measure the portion sizes of different foods. It’s helpful for people with diabetes in managing carbohydrate intake. Nishant shared a photo of his plate with Ruksar before his meals & she would tell him what to change to keep his sugar on track.
“Whatever we eat, our body turns it into carbohydrates, then breaks it down into glucose and slowly releases it into our blood. But if we directly eat glucose it stays in the blood for longer. Our main objective is to reduce the duration for which glucose stays in the blood. So Ruksar told me the more whole-grain and raw food I eat, the better it will be for my body. And in just one month of following the plate method, my readings went from red to yellow to green!”
Despite him mostly working in the laboratory, Nishant has also incorporated yoga and meditation in his routine. He loves the fact that he gets unlimited test-strips, 24×7 dietician support, and can view his sugar trends with BeatO.
“BeatO has the perfect combination of services required to handle diabetes. Their technology and human resources are both superior, and work in perfect sync.”
Nishant likes to spend his free time reading research papers. His PP has come down from 200mg/dL to 120mg/dL & fasting sugar has reduced from 200mg/dL to 80mg/dL.

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