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Is Keto Diet Safe To Lose Weight If You Have Diabetes?

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Self acclaimed wellness experts introduce fad diets to gain attention and make maximum profits in a short duration. Keto diet is one such diet that is making the rounds in the fitness and nutrition fraternity. It may be good advice for children with epilepsy or individuals pursuing athletic endeavors.

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BeatO nutrition team does not advocate Keto diet if you have diabetes (type 1 or type 2).

What is Keto Diet?

Diet that contains less than 20 grams of carbohydrate and contains primarily fat is the keto diet. Cheese, ghee, coconut oil, avocados, all poultry, red meat and eggs is prescribed with the plan leaving no scope of eating grains or cereals.

One may see a good reduction in weight initially but there is no potential of eating a diet that includes carbohydrates, pulses and grains. Once you start doing that theweight bounces back with potential side effects.

Diabetes and Keto Diet- Why is it not recommended?

Diabetes and Keto Diet- Why is it not recommended?

Nutritionists and diabetes educators at BeatO work in conjunction to amplify your nutrition quotient and maintain a good BMI, if you have diabetes. Keto diet will not be promoted on the diabetes diet plan because:

  1. It can immediately multiply the risk of ketoacidosis which can be fatal.
  2. It stresses the kidneys that may already be in a delicate situation in chronic diabetes.
  3. It taxes the liver for energy metabolism from fat which can cause more damage indiabetes.

Diabetes Diet- What should you include?

Diabetes Diet- What should you include?

The BeatO team advocates a well balanced diet approach in diabetes with appropriate amounts of high fiber, carbohydrates, lean protein, vegetarian protein, antioxidants and seasonal foods.

At BeatO you will enjoy the best of Indian meals and yet maintain a good glycemic control if you have diabetes by consuming:

  1. Chapattis enriched withmethi daana(fenugreek seeds) orpalak(spinach)
  2. Whole grains like dalia (broken wheat) as well as oats and millets like ragi.
  3. Legume salads made of rajma (red kidney beans), green moongh and chana (Bengal gram).

To sum up, we would like to ensure that you are conscious of the fact that diabetes (type 1 or 2) puts your body in a fragile metabolic state and it is wise not to experiment with any self or fad diets. Believe in your experts and let them take charge of your diabetes control.

Get the best nutrition plans with BeatO.

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